02 December 2015

Day 22

December 1. 

I will be turning my resignation from Guam Memorial Hospital on December 7.

Resigning on December 21.

Leaving for Philippines on December 23.

Today I took mom to her appointment with Ms. Noreen at the US Renal Care for her blood work (her Hgb and Hct had to be rechecked since she hasn't been getting the Aranesp shot because her blood count was 12.)

After her clinic appointment, I took her to Jia Restaurant at the Guam Plaza Hotel. She didn't like the food so we had to go to Taste at Westin Hotel. And she usually loves the food there. While we were eating lunch, I received a call from the Guam Regional Medical City. I have been scheduled for an interview. I applied for a job as a nurse in the said hospital on October and it's only now that I got a call for an interview. I would really love to gain more experience in the field of nursing. I would really love to but... The cureent plan is to move to NYC on January. 

What to do, what to do? 

After our big lunch, I had to update the credit card details at John's school so that they could bill his monthly tuition. 

Then I watched Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 with Daniel at 1530. The movie was pretty alright. I thought it was too predictable. Even my boyfriend who didn't read the book predicted what was going to happen in the movie.

Then I bought detox tea from vitamin world. Checked out headphones from micropac (but didn't buy one.) Bought paper towels. 

Took a nap (bad move.)

Now reading my book on Core Curriculum for Pain Management Nursing. 

Days off seem so short while workdays are so long. 

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