24 November 2015

Day 30

The countdown has officially begun. 

It's 0430 on Guam. I just came home from a long 12 hour shift. Yesterday marked my fourth work day. One more 12 hour shift and I'll finally be off from work.

Day 30 was mainly just work. But before I went to work, I woke up early (much to my surprise) and was able to go to the banks, as originally planned. After my bank-errands, I came home and tried to take a nap, and my effort was futile. I tried making Tagalog bisteak, which turned out to be so salty that it almost tasted like adobo; much to my dismay. But hey, that was my first try. I could only get better after that experience of cooking bisteak. 

While at work, I tried to finish my reading for "management of patients with stroke." Sadly, I was not able to finish it. 

On a side note, I realized why despite working four days in a row, I don't feel like my whole body is hurting yet. I think I have been lucky. First of all, I have been getting patients who are not very needy; except during my second day when I had two unstable patients. Secondly, the unit census has been low. I have only been getting three to four patients mostly; I usually get five to six. Third, I have been lucky (and smart) to not get admissions. 

Now I just need to survive another twelve hour shift later and I can finally be off. 

PS. I hope the guy who started emailing me about my car decides to buy the car. 

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