26 November 2015

Day 28

Writing this post 11/26/2015 (day 27).

Yesterday, I woke up around 10am. Stayed in bed a bit because I was so tired from working a five day streak (4-12hr shifts and one 8hr shift.) Work wasn't so bad, actually. In my five days of work, we had a fairly low census so for someone who's used to care for 5 to 6 patients per shift, it wasn't so bad. I had 3 to 4 patients during the past 5 work days. To top it off, I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT have any admission. Yay! 

Now back to my day yesterday, I woke up at 10 am, had breakfast with mom at home, then I went to the gym around 12. Tried to run but still can't. My calves still hurt and for some reason, I feel like I'm "heavier." Although the scale says otherwise. I'm probably just out of shape or just really tired. The body can only take so much work anyway. 

At 2pm, I went to the mandatory meeting at work. Had to talk about heparin drips since the unit had issues with this particular drip. Also, had to talk about the upcoming Christmas party. On a side note, I already have my dress, which I got from Macys. (Excited to feel like Daisy Buchanan! #roaring20s) I'm still waiting for my accessories, which I have ordered online. I got a couple of fancy jewelry from Macys but they didn't have any sparkly headbands so I had to order one from eBay and it should be here any time soon. 

After the meeting, I went to KMart and picked up mom's medications. To my surprise, the pharm tech said that we have reached the "cap" for mom's medications so I had to pay full price, which was a staggering $185 for a month-long supply. 

I was going to pay mom's loan at coast 360 but I came late; they were closed when I got there. Now going to coast 360 and to first Hawaiian bank (to defer my payment for my car loan until I could hopefully sell it by December) are added to my to-do list for Friday. 

Come night time and I had to do grocery shopping with the parents to prepare for thanksgiving. Then around 11pm, I did some CEUs on pain. By 2am, I was able to meet the 15 CEUs goal for pain.

Things left to do:
Get a job in NYC
Review for my pain RNBC certification
Sell my car
Sell my other stuff that I won't / can't bring to NYC

Moving is so tedious. 

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