28 November 2015

Day 26 (cont.)

I woke up late yesterday. It was around 2pm when I finally got out of bed. I was able to take care of the errands which I was not able to do last Wednesday such as going to the banks and getting the mail. 

My pain management review book and my fats by inspired headband came in the mail. Now I gotta plan how I'm gonna study and pass my RNBC exam, which I am probably taking when I get to NYC.

Then my brothers and I went around a lot of stores in Tumon to look for a specific kind of hoodie (navy blue, no zipper, no symbols or letters or brands. And has pockets.) Sadly, we were not able to find any. Why are teenage boys so particular about what they wear? Thanks to online shopping, I found a hoodie that matches his request. 

Then I had to go to Sheraton for David's birthday party. It was fun until the guards kicked us out for being "too loud." Said the neighbors were complaining.

Also, my friend, my very good friend, Josh gave me a Tiffany necklace. It was actually my very first Tiffany. I could afford to get one. It's just that whenever I psych myself to buy one, I always back out because I feel like I could be spending the money on something else. And now that I think of it, josh is the first man to give me jewelry. Besides my dad, that is. Neither my boyfriend nor my ex gave me jewelry. Maybe I come off as the girl who doesn't like jewelry. Maybe.

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