23 November 2015

30 Days on Guam

I got off work last night before 12 midnight. Now I'm in my bed (it's 0409 Guam time) and I have been tossing and turning; unable to sleep. I have already tried doing things to help me relax and eventually fall asleep. I have read a CEU about management of patents with stroke, I have watched three vlogs from my favorite YouTube vlogger. I have planned my day for tomorrow; to which I am certain I would not be able to follow unless I don't sleep. Lastly, I have also purchased things from eBay that I might use for the upcoming unit Christmas party. 

I guess I'm feeling anxious. It finally dawned on me that November is almost done. I have about a week left for this month. That means, it's almost time to pay the car which I have been trying to sell since August (the month I came back from my trip to NYC; also the month  I was supposed to start planning my move to NYC.) The end of November also means it's almost December, to state the obvious. 

When mom and I came back from our trip last August, mom wanted to move to NYC as soon as possible. She planned to move by September. Then September became first week of November. And now it's November 23 and we're still here. That's because she decided she wanted to celebrate Christmas, New Years and her 50th birthday in the Philippines. Truth to be told, leaving after all the festivities are done is the best plan. But mom acts on impulse and she plans and re-plans things without listening to the opinions of others. Or to simply say it, without listening to ME. 

As I have stated earlier, I'm feeling anxious about this day. It's November 23. My flight going to my home country, the Philippines, is on December 23. Exactly a month, or 30 days from today. Before December 23, I have to be ready to leave. But I'm not. I still haven't sold my car, I don't have a job waiting for me in NYC, I haven't gotten rid of a lot of my things here, among other things. 

So now I have decided to write out how I'm gonna spend my last 30 days on Guam. Hard to believe that after 8 years of living here, the "Guam chapter" of my life is about to end. Kind of a bittersweet moment but I guess I'll just take whatever life is handing to me right now. 

I'm the girl that *can* be moved. (Reference to the The Script song.) 

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