30 November 2015

Day 23

It's November 30! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Day 24

Sunday. Still worked 12 hours today. While I would love to stay home today, I need to make that time and a half pay.

Today was pretty uneventful. Just had a patient (who has intermittent confusion) hit on me and even used a funny pick up line. 

I was educating him about the signs and symptoms of transfusion reactions (because he's getting a blood transfusion obviously) and one of the symptoms of the reaction is chest tightness. I told him to let me know when he's having one and he told me right after that he's "having one right now." I further inquired if he really was having one that moment and he said, "because of you." He further said, "you know what I think? I think you're beautiful." Ah. He must be on his period of confusion. 

Day 25

Worked 12 hours on a Saturday.

Sometimes I envy people who work regular schedules.

Note to self: if the doctor asks for a Foley catheter and nothing else, he wants you to prepare an entire foley kit (4 10cc syringes, saline, lubricant, foley bag, 2 irrigation kits, plus some other stuff he forgot to mention over the phone.)

28 November 2015

Day 26 (cont.)

I woke up late yesterday. It was around 2pm when I finally got out of bed. I was able to take care of the errands which I was not able to do last Wednesday such as going to the banks and getting the mail. 

My pain management review book and my fats by inspired headband came in the mail. Now I gotta plan how I'm gonna study and pass my RNBC exam, which I am probably taking when I get to NYC.

Then my brothers and I went around a lot of stores in Tumon to look for a specific kind of hoodie (navy blue, no zipper, no symbols or letters or brands. And has pockets.) Sadly, we were not able to find any. Why are teenage boys so particular about what they wear? Thanks to online shopping, I found a hoodie that matches his request. 

Then I had to go to Sheraton for David's birthday party. It was fun until the guards kicked us out for being "too loud." Said the neighbors were complaining.

Also, my friend, my very good friend, Josh gave me a Tiffany necklace. It was actually my very first Tiffany. I could afford to get one. It's just that whenever I psych myself to buy one, I always back out because I feel like I could be spending the money on something else. And now that I think of it, josh is the first man to give me jewelry. Besides my dad, that is. Neither my boyfriend nor my ex gave me jewelry. Maybe I come off as the girl who doesn't like jewelry. Maybe.

27 November 2015

Day 26

The Black Friday madness has officially begun. 

We've only gone to Macys but I think we've overspent already. That's the magic of Macy's. It makes you spend on things you think you need because they strategically schedule their deals and sales. 

I think mom still wants to check out Duty Free and my brother wants to go to KMart. Times like this make me appreciate online shopping. At least with shopping online, with a few clicks and without having to get up from my seat, I could get from one store to another. 

I'm so sleepy. 

26 November 2015

Day 27

It's Thanksgiving Thursday! 

While I don't understand the main reason for this holiday, I actually kind of enjoy it. It's probably the only holiday when I could eat turkey. In my home country, we don't celebrate thanksgiving and eating turkeys is very very rare. However, today I was not able to have turkey. I prepared pineapple glazed ham, chicken Alfredo, bought pumpkin pie, puto and Brazo de Mercedes cake, and my dad prepared sweet and sour fish. Very Filipino spread, indeed! 

An hour after I had my thanksgiving meal with my family, I went to my boyfriend's house and had another thanksgiving meal. 

So now, I am super stuffed. 

Even more stuffed than a turkey for thanksgiving.

On a sort of related note, I think green tea is glorious. I have been having a cup every day for the past couple of days. I don't know if it's psychological, but I feel less bloated since I started regularly drinking green tea. Again, it's glorious. But that doesn't mean I could skip working out. I think I need to workout extra hard possibly tomorrow.

Right now, I'm just trying to catch up with watching The Flash. My brothers and I are on our fourth episode tonight. Nerds. 

Day 28

Writing this post 11/26/2015 (day 27).

Yesterday, I woke up around 10am. Stayed in bed a bit because I was so tired from working a five day streak (4-12hr shifts and one 8hr shift.) Work wasn't so bad, actually. In my five days of work, we had a fairly low census so for someone who's used to care for 5 to 6 patients per shift, it wasn't so bad. I had 3 to 4 patients during the past 5 work days. To top it off, I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT have any admission. Yay! 

Now back to my day yesterday, I woke up at 10 am, had breakfast with mom at home, then I went to the gym around 12. Tried to run but still can't. My calves still hurt and for some reason, I feel like I'm "heavier." Although the scale says otherwise. I'm probably just out of shape or just really tired. The body can only take so much work anyway. 

At 2pm, I went to the mandatory meeting at work. Had to talk about heparin drips since the unit had issues with this particular drip. Also, had to talk about the upcoming Christmas party. On a side note, I already have my dress, which I got from Macys. (Excited to feel like Daisy Buchanan! #roaring20s) I'm still waiting for my accessories, which I have ordered online. I got a couple of fancy jewelry from Macys but they didn't have any sparkly headbands so I had to order one from eBay and it should be here any time soon. 

After the meeting, I went to KMart and picked up mom's medications. To my surprise, the pharm tech said that we have reached the "cap" for mom's medications so I had to pay full price, which was a staggering $185 for a month-long supply. 

I was going to pay mom's loan at coast 360 but I came late; they were closed when I got there. Now going to coast 360 and to first Hawaiian bank (to defer my payment for my car loan until I could hopefully sell it by December) are added to my to-do list for Friday. 

Come night time and I had to do grocery shopping with the parents to prepare for thanksgiving. Then around 11pm, I did some CEUs on pain. By 2am, I was able to meet the 15 CEUs goal for pain.

Things left to do:
Get a job in NYC
Review for my pain RNBC certification
Sell my car
Sell my other stuff that I won't / can't bring to NYC

Moving is so tedious. 

24 November 2015

Day 30

The countdown has officially begun. 

It's 0430 on Guam. I just came home from a long 12 hour shift. Yesterday marked my fourth work day. One more 12 hour shift and I'll finally be off from work.

Day 30 was mainly just work. But before I went to work, I woke up early (much to my surprise) and was able to go to the banks, as originally planned. After my bank-errands, I came home and tried to take a nap, and my effort was futile. I tried making Tagalog bisteak, which turned out to be so salty that it almost tasted like adobo; much to my dismay. But hey, that was my first try. I could only get better after that experience of cooking bisteak. 

While at work, I tried to finish my reading for "management of patients with stroke." Sadly, I was not able to finish it. 

On a side note, I realized why despite working four days in a row, I don't feel like my whole body is hurting yet. I think I have been lucky. First of all, I have been getting patients who are not very needy; except during my second day when I had two unstable patients. Secondly, the unit census has been low. I have only been getting three to four patients mostly; I usually get five to six. Third, I have been lucky (and smart) to not get admissions. 

Now I just need to survive another twelve hour shift later and I can finally be off. 

PS. I hope the guy who started emailing me about my car decides to buy the car. 

23 November 2015

30 Days on Guam

I got off work last night before 12 midnight. Now I'm in my bed (it's 0409 Guam time) and I have been tossing and turning; unable to sleep. I have already tried doing things to help me relax and eventually fall asleep. I have read a CEU about management of patents with stroke, I have watched three vlogs from my favorite YouTube vlogger. I have planned my day for tomorrow; to which I am certain I would not be able to follow unless I don't sleep. Lastly, I have also purchased things from eBay that I might use for the upcoming unit Christmas party. 

I guess I'm feeling anxious. It finally dawned on me that November is almost done. I have about a week left for this month. That means, it's almost time to pay the car which I have been trying to sell since August (the month I came back from my trip to NYC; also the month  I was supposed to start planning my move to NYC.) The end of November also means it's almost December, to state the obvious. 

When mom and I came back from our trip last August, mom wanted to move to NYC as soon as possible. She planned to move by September. Then September became first week of November. And now it's November 23 and we're still here. That's because she decided she wanted to celebrate Christmas, New Years and her 50th birthday in the Philippines. Truth to be told, leaving after all the festivities are done is the best plan. But mom acts on impulse and she plans and re-plans things without listening to the opinions of others. Or to simply say it, without listening to ME. 

As I have stated earlier, I'm feeling anxious about this day. It's November 23. My flight going to my home country, the Philippines, is on December 23. Exactly a month, or 30 days from today. Before December 23, I have to be ready to leave. But I'm not. I still haven't sold my car, I don't have a job waiting for me in NYC, I haven't gotten rid of a lot of my things here, among other things. 

So now I have decided to write out how I'm gonna spend my last 30 days on Guam. Hard to believe that after 8 years of living here, the "Guam chapter" of my life is about to end. Kind of a bittersweet moment but I guess I'll just take whatever life is handing to me right now. 

I'm the girl that *can* be moved. (Reference to the The Script song.)