23 March 2015

Nurse problems

So yesterday, a patient's watcher / daughter went to the station to ask for help. She was looking for her dad's nurse so that the nurse could help reposition the patient to prevent his decubitus ulcer from getting worse. So I stood up and looked for said nurse. Unfortunately, the nurse was taking her dinner break and her nurse aid was helping another patient. The patient has been in our unit for a couple of days now and I know that his daughter has filed numerous complaints about the ward. So I decided to help reposition this patient even though I try to avoid going to this patient's room (so to avoid being complained about lol). I asked for another CNA's (certified nurse aid) help because the patient is quite heavy for me. 

We went to the patient's room and the daughter asked us, "Where is his nurse?" The CNA and I told her that his nurse is taking her dinner break / eating her dinner. Then the daughter told us, "She just came in and she's already on break?" I was quite taken aback by her response... And quite infuriated as well. It wasn't just what she said that ticked me off but the way she said it and that annoyed / smug look on her face. She came from a wealthy family so I guess she's used to having slaves attend to her whenever she wants them to, whether they're eating or sleeping.

Anyway, I told her that the nurse has been working since 3 in the afternoon and that she "did not just come in to work." Mind you this was all happening at 8pm. The CNA and I repositioned the patient and left the room. 

I told the CNA about how I felt when the daughter started questioning about the nurse taking her dinner break. Apparently, she was as surprised as I was.

I don't know if a lot of people know this but nurses are people too. And just like everyone else on this planet, we do need to eat as well. At work, we are entitled for a 30 minute break. That time is automatically deducted from our schedules. That means, regardless if we take our break or not, we will not get paid for that 30 minutes. 

As a nurse, I do try to enjoy that 30 minutes of peace. If my patients call, the CNA will attend to them if they could. If it's an emergency (eg. the patient is having chest pain, shortness of breath, etc), then I will put my dinner break on pause and attend to my patient.

However, if the CNA could attend to the patient or if the what the patient is calling for could wait a little bit (such as repositioning), then I would enjoy my dinner.

Sorry not sorry. 

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