16 October 2013

On Firsts: First Concert

It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

It embarrasses me to admit that I have only just recently attended my first live concert. Yes, the first time I've seen a concert was just last month, and it was the concert of The Killers when they played live in Manila on September 26.

I gotta admit it was awesome seeing them live even though I only know a couple of their songs.

I used to think that going to concerts was a waste of time and money. I used to tell myself, why pay when you can just listen to their CDs and watch DVDs of their live concerts? It saves you money, the trouble of having to go to the concert venue, and the risk of being robbed while enjoying the concert. I guess you can say I really am the enjoy-the-comfort-of-your-home type of girl. However, after watching my first live concert, I think I am willing to spend money and energy going to concerts. All thanks to my boyfriend. What a bad influence! I kid. (insert wink smiley face)

Brandon Flowers is so talented. I think I had a huge crush on him that night. Thank goodness not all things that happen in Vegas stay in Vegas, such as this band.

And yes, the way they sound live is exactly the same way they sound on their CD and music videos.

Did I ever mention they had an awesome light show?

I guess slowly but surely I am getting cultured.

Ready? Let's roll onto something new.

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