14 May 2013

The Finale

This will be short.

My clock says it's 12:50 AM. Once again, I'm staying up late tying to study for an upcoming exam. What's new? I've always stayed up late since I started nursing school.

Well that's the thing.

Every beginning must have an ending.

Right now, it hasn't totally hit me yet that I am about to graduate. In less than two weeks, I will be wearing my cap and gown, and will be receiving my diploma - evidence that I have successfully survived one of the toughest challenges I have undertaken.

What's starting to sink in is, I am currently studying for the final final exam that I have to take to complete my bachelor's degree.

I should be excited.

But for now, just as I have always said since I started the program, "I'm more exhausted than excited."

Wish me luck for tomorrow's exams. ;)

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