17 December 2012

Starting Christmas vacation

So Fall 2012 is finally over. Final exams are done. Grades are out. And most important of all, I passed all of my classes.

I have been very terribly busy during the past semester. I had three clinical rotations (Community, School, and Psychiatry), a report about the water on the island, one research paper and a research presentation, two teaching plans, one community assessment with presentation, and tons of paperwork and exams. Cutting a long story short, I have been very terribly busy (as I have said earlier).

Now I have more than five weeks of Christmas vacation on my hands.

So what's the issue then?

The issue is that I have been (again) very terribly busy the past semester, and even though it's over, my body is still in the "busy mode."

Like I just could not relax.

Like I just could not stop.

I feel that I have things to do and deadlines to meet. But I don't. I still plan my days (with the help of my trusty planner). And I still make goals to meet.

Today is the fifth day of the vacation. So what have I accomplished so far?

  • Go to a two-day training for suicide prevention (and get a certificate for it) - yes, that was how I spent the first two days of my vacation
  • Do cardio workouts on Thursday and Friday - losing weight is a priority
  • Painted my nails sort of successfully
  • Go to church on Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday evening - could not do this during the semester so I'm doing this now
  • Participate in the Sugarplum Gift Wrapping for the needy 
  • Do the traditional lunch with my friends
  • Catch up on my favorite shows, namely Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and Once Upon A Time - although I haven't finished catching up yet
  • Clean the car - but I still need to apply the protectant on the inside
  • Cook lunch and dinner for my family
  • Update this blog - what I'm doing now
  • Read about making cake pops and cake balls and purchase the needed materials and ingredients - I want to cross this out from my bucket list this vacation
  • Finish wrapping one Christmas gift - still feeling lazy to finish all the gifts
  • Do the laundry - had my brother do all the laundry during the semester so on vacation, I'm helping him do it
So what else is missing?

Some of the things that I still want to accomplish while I'm on Guam are:
  • Practice with NCLEX questions (to prepare for next semester)
  • Finish Christmas shopping
  • Finish wrapping gifts
  • Play the PS3 and finish some games
  • Finish catching up on all my TV shows (unrealistic goal)
  • Watch The Hobbit and Breaking Dawn
  • Test out on a language class
  • Get a physical exam done, update my shot record, get TB clearance, 
  • Make cake balls and cake pops
  • Prepare for my trip to Philippines
Oooohkay. I guess you're probably thinking I need to sedate myself now so I can relax. It's Christmas vacation and I still work on "goals" and treat hobbies and relaxation like they're homework.