20 November 2012

Talofofo Falls

Warning: Some pictures are rated R. If you know what I mean.

Guam is a very small island, with an area of 541.3  km2, and a length of 30 miles. Then, for regular people such as myself (and by regular I mean not a member of the US military), a third of the land of Guam is not freely accessible. Hence, I can only freely roam around the remaining 20 miles of the island. Now you probably understand why I always, always, itch to go off island!

My point is you can go around the island of Guam in less than a day. Without stops, that is. And yes, that is how small Guam is.

Drive route from my village to Talofofo
Anyway, three weeks ago, my family and I drove to the south of the island to look for beaches and go fishing. While we were not able to catch even a single fish, we were able to take pictures on some of the nicest spots on the island such as the Talofofo Bay, Talofofo Falls / Yokoi Cave, Inarajan Pool, and Fort Soledad. Oh, and we were also able to eat some very healthy (emphasize on very and healthy) German sausages from McKraut's.

For this blog post, I will only be talking about Talofofo Falls.

The name Talofofo falls is misleading. Most falls in the world do not require people to pay for an admission fee. However, to be able to visit Guam's Talofofo falls, tourists and residents alike must pay an admission fee. Adult rate for tourists is twenty bucks, while residents pay thirteen bucks per individual. For a falls that you could not even swim in, I think Talofofo falls is pretty expensive. And that is my opinion, of course.

The first attraction inside the Talofofo falls compound is the Love Land. This is where the pictures become rated R. So kids, please cover your eyes.

Love Land Entrance
Wow. What a fancy entrance. Quite like Disney Land's entrances where you are greeted with smiling people in colorful costumes, eh? Haha. Forgive the sarcasm.

Think you need to go to Paris' Louvre to see Venus de Milo? Ha! While the real Venus de Milo is enjoying her stay at the Louvre being heavily guarded, under a nice rain-proof building, Guam's Venus de Milo is getting a tan under the sun while standing in the middle of the boonies.

Venus de Milo replica
And yes, I took more photographs inside the Love Land... Much to my parents' dismay.

Sculpture coitus

This one, I think is the funniest of all the pictures I have taken in the Love Land. Seriously, what could be better than a giant penis in the middle of this forest-like place? Hmm.. By the way, I am assuming this penis stands about five feet and seven inches. That's just a guestimate, people.

Giant Penis
There are more pictures from the Love Land, but I am not willing to share most of them. Sorry.

So you think we don't have cable cars on Guam? Ha! We do! It's just too bad it isn't as great as the cable cars in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Cable Car Station
I apologize for not taking a picture of the cable car. It would have been a very nice thing to see! Again, forgive the sarcasm.

And some photos I took of the falls itself:

Talofofo Falls
Talofofo Falls
Boring, I know. I know.

It was tempting to go on the falls and take a shower since I was sweating like crazy during the entirety of our visit in Talofofo falls. Sadly, Talofofo falls is one of those bodies of water that people are not allowed to touch or bathe in. 

I'm cutting it short right here. Will continue on the next blog post. This is kinda long already anyway. Plus it's already late and I have to wake up early tomorrow for my Psych Clinical. 

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