01 June 2012

Tintin tries working out

If you have been following me on twitter or instagram, then you probably know that I had been trying to be active (aka been going to the gym) for the past two weeks.

Like every other "firsts," I was really motivated and excited to workout and go to the gym. One week passed and guess what, I have already been feeling lazy to workout. Some people feel lazy to go to the gym after a while due to transportation reasons. But that is not my excuse for feeling lazy lately. For Pete's sake, the gym is only five minutes away from where I live. I guess the reason behind my laziness is scheduling. Yes, I know it is summer and I'm free from the hectic nursing schedule. However, summer does not always mean relaxation and freedom, right? Yes, I may be free from writing care plans and journals, and reading my thick books, but I still have home work to do. And by home work, I mean literal work at home. Because I'm not taking summer classes, I have to handle most of the responsibilities at home such as keeping the house in order, cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. Picture me being a house wife, although I'm not a wife yet. Maybe a house daughter would perhaps better fit me than the house wife label.

And that previous paragraph sounded more like a rant, eh? My apologies...

Like I said, anyway, I have been going to the gym for the past two weeks. And it disappoints me a little whenever I step on the scale and find out that I have not lost even a single pound. But I'm guessing that's not the whole point of working out.

Self Portrait: At the Gym:
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No editing.
Before I signed up for a year-long membership at the Paradise Fitness Gym, the staff who "recruited" me told me that working out does not always mean looking good in a bikini. Although, as he mentioned, looking good may be one of the benefits. Call me shallow, but I go to the gym for the main purpose of losing weight, being lean and toned, and looking good! LOL.

Before I signed up for gym membership (again!), I thought that gyms only have heavy equipments, which help people build muscles. Apparently, I was wrong. Gyms offer not just various equipments, but also personal training and group exercises. In the gym where I go to, the group exercises include Zumba Fitness, Body Combat, Body Pump, Creative Stretch, Circuit Cycling, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba Toning, Lesmills Sh'bam, Extreme Cardio, Power Hula, and Aqua Zumba.

So far, I have tried the Zumba Fitness (to read my post about my first Zumba experience, click here), Body Combat, Pilates, Zumba Toning, and Aqua Zumba. If you ask me which one is my favorite, I would probably say that I like all of them thus far. Body Combat made me sweat so much, and I swear the was so intense. I could not remember any exercise that I have done that made me sweat so much. Pilates was good too! It exercised my core and hopefully once I do this on the regular, I would have toned abs (yeah, wishful thinking right here). Zumba Toning is almost the same as the regular Zumba Fitness. The only difference between the two Zumbas is that in Zumba Toning, you lift a weight you feel comfortable lifting. I tried lifting six pounds while doing Zumba. It was too heavy for me so by the end of the Zumba Toning session, I resorted to lifting two and a half pounds. Such a shame. The most recent class that I have tried was Aqua Zumba! Among all the Zumba workouts that I have tried, I think I like this one the best because it was so much fun. Imagine exercising in water where all the pressure is against your movements! I'll tell you more about the Aqua Zumba on a different post (aka once I have taken enough pictures).
After Aqua Zumba:
Taken using HDR for iPhone 4s.
No editing.
By the way, I was just able to pick up my membership card at the gym last night. I had to wait for this card before I post this blog simply because I want to show off and prove that I really am serious about working on my thickness. *wink*

Membership Card:
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Happy working out everybody!

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