04 June 2012

Aqua Zumba

Ever since I got to try Zumba fitness (click here for more), I think I got "kind of" addicted to the workout. In a span of two weeks, I was able to try three kinds of Zumba - fitness, toning, and aqua. And so far, I like Aqua Zumba the best.

As the name implies, Aqua Zumba is Zumba workout done while you're in water. Zumba fitness is exhausting but fun. Aqua Zumba, on the other hand, takes the difficulty and fun in a whole different level. I guess everything you do that involves water is fun, anyway.

Just this afternoon, I got to do my second dose of Aqua Zumba. And yes, it was as fun as it was during my first try. The Zumba instructor was as lively as ever and the music she played really got my groove on. And that statement came from me - someone who just doesn't get the groove on, if you know what I mean. ;)

Like last week, the Aqua Zumba was done in the Infinity Pool at the Sheraton Laguna Hotel.

During Aqua Zumba
And yes, I know, the pool looks really, really nice. It actually tempts me to swim every time I go there. And swim, I kind of did this afternoon. LOL. It was too tempting to resist anyway!

And did I mention I went down the slide too? I may be an adult but slides in swimming pools still make me happy. But hey, we adults gotta do something for the kid inside us, right?

The Aqua Zumba lasted for about an hour. And trust me, one hour is good enough for the Aqua Zumba workout. I may not feel sore after the workout, but at least I got to get active, and I had a lot of fun too!

Here are some post-Zumba pictures anyway:

Taken using Canon T3, EF 18-55 mm lens.
Bathroom photos: Me and my Gym buddy ;)

Self portrait

First Aqua Zumba night


  1. how much did u pay for it? thanks:)

  2. It comes with the gym membership of $40 per month. :)