15 June 2012

Agat Mango Festival 2012

Last weekend, I got to go to this year's Mango Festival held in the village of Agat. As its name implies, the festival showcased mangoes - lots of mangoes. And I loooove mangoes. Mango is my favorite fruit; I'll eat it regardless if it's yellow or green. Although, I prefer green.

The festival was held at the Agat community center which resembled a park that overlooked the ocean. Or perhaps, it is a park in and of itself.

The heat of the sun discouraged me a little to go to the festival, but the thought of eating mangoes overpowered my discouragement (aka laziness) to go to the festival. In addition to the heat, the drive was exhausting. If you have lived in Guam for years, I bet you'll be used to the short drives. However, Agat is one of the southernmost villages (I live in the northern part of the island), and the forty-minute drive tires me out. Just imagine if I would move to the states where the shortest drive would probably take two hours. That would probably kill me.

To make a long story short, we got to the festival safely. It was scorching hot so we quickly looked for a booth that would offer ice cold drinks.

And in light of the Mango Festival, most booths served something that has mango in it. And we got to try this delicious fresh mango smoothie that cost about four bucks if I remember it correctly.

There were also booths that served shaved ice with mango toppings, and booths that sold locally grown mangoes.

And let's not forget about the booths that sold other stuff aside from mangoes:

Souvenirs for sale
And some booths just showcased mangoes. Meaning, they did not sell the mangoes, they just teased the eyes of the bystanders - kind of a "you could look, but you could not taste" kind of deal.

As mentioned earlier, the Agat Mango Festival showcased ripe and unripe mangoes. But who would have thought they would also showcase mangoes of different colors such as these:

Yellow and green mangoes 
Red-orange mangoes
Red-green mangoes
Yellow mangoes 
Mangoes of different colors
The booth that probably had the most buyers was the booth that sold mango donuts. I swear people lined up like crazy for the mango donuts! The craze got so bad, that the sellers had to put a limit on how many donuts one buyer can have!

One customer can only have one bag of mango donuts (which cost about $1), so I had my brothers line up as well so we can get more! *insert evil laugh*

And yup, the moment I tried the mango donuts, I understood why people lined up like crazy on the booth. The donuts were freshly made and were very delicious!

Mango donuts
Probably one of the most interesting things to see is the competition for the biggest mango.

Third place
This one won the competition:

From the photo above, the mango that won the first place looks a little too small to win, right? But here's a proof that the mango shown above is really big, and I used my hand for comparison:

By the way, did you notice the watermark on the photos? From now on, I shall take copyrighting to the next level. Thus, the watermark on the photographs.

Anyway, until the next mango festival!


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