19 May 2012


Today, I got to try Zumba workout for the very first time.

To those living under a rock, Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez in Colombia in the 1990s. (Definition taken from Wikipedia)

When I was invited by my friend to join the Zumba workout, I felt a little apprehensive. First of all, I was scared to be embarrassed; I have never tried Zumba and I had a feeling that everyone who would be joining the workout were pros. Second of all, it had been YEARS since the last time I danced; my joints had probably gotten stiff over the years. Lastly, I was feeling a little lazy. I had been staying inactive for the past months due to the overwhelming amount of studying that I had to do for my exams. And you know what they say: A body that stays at rest, will stay at rest.

So why did I decide to get out of the house and finally move my lazy body? It was because the Zumba was for a good cause. And I love supporting events that have a good cause, especially when the good cause is related to medicine and health. LOL. I am such a *cough* future nurse *cough*.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the two hours Zumba workout even though Zumba is not exactly my thing. It was fun because I got to do it with many people... And nobody seemed to mind that I could hardly keep up with the steps of the dances. Hahaha! And it's been such a long time since I felt so sore from exercise. Sadistic as it may sound, I enjoy feeling the pain in my thighs as of this moment.

Oh, before I forget to mention, I think this Zumba exercise might just be a good sign for me to start working out or actually start doing Zumba on a regular basis. Why? Simple! Because I won good prizes during the raffle after the workout! And there is nothing more motivating than a little surprise after a workout.

PRIZES: Yogurtland gift card, Scentsy fresheners, and
Tony Roma's gift certificate.

The people who did the Zumba workout

Sandra and I: sweaty, shaking, and sore, but feeling accomplished!
So yes, first step to becoming fit this summer was taken tonight at the Zumba party. :)


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