15 May 2012

The semester that was spring 2012

Today marked the last day of spring 2012.

And like every other semester in the nursing program, every nightmare must come to an end. So far, this semester had been the most nightmarish of them all. My grades never went as low as my grade this semester, and I had NEVER been so unmotivated in my entire life until this semester. Seriously. I think my blood pressure had increased tenfold due to stress. I guess nursing school does not get easier as you progress with the program, eh?

My OB and Peds books:
One of the first photos I took with instagram app.
Pardon the poor iPhone editing skills. :(
I could not say that the first half of the semester was all great. Although, I think the first half of the semester was a little better than the second half. It was a little better probably because I was hopeful at that time. As the semester went on, I guess the stress of being a nursing student sucked the life out of me.

Dinner with Team Lorna at Shirley's Tamuning:
Photo taken with my iPhone 4s.
Edited with the camera-plus app.
Then filter from instagram was applied. :)
I loved my rotation at the pediatrics ward. It was beyond awesome. I learned and had fun at the same time. 

Cookie cake for our clinical instructor:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Instagram filter applied.
Last dinner for Peds rotation at KarKar Chinese Restaurant:
Taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing here.
During this rotation, Draw Something was the most popular phone app / game. Everyone had it on their phone. Everyone played it. Everyone drew something with it. Everyone. So while waiting for our turn to be evaluated on our last night in the ward, we played Draw Something... Live!

Here's the most epic of all the drawings that were drawn that night:

Hip Replacement:
Photo taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing. :))))
Super epic drawing!
This is my team during the live draw something game: Team Gangster! :)

Team Gangster with leader Mae (on gray sweater):
Taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Instagram filter applied.
Don't we look too happy in this photo?

Making funny faces in the playroom:
Taken with Camera Awesome app.
Cropped and filtered using Instagram app. :)
Oh, and we just loved taking pictures.

Where is Dan looking at?
Taken using Camera Awesome app.
No editing.
With the Pediatric Ward staff:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Filter used from Instagram. :)
I was really lucky to be grouped with these people for the pediatrics rotation. They made the rotation fun.

Note: I know this post is getting way too long, but bear with me. This post is for a whole four month semester.

Interlude: another photo. Not clinical related. This was taken during the university's 60th charter day. Biba Guahan! :)
Photo taken at a  photo-booth during charter day
Another interlude photo taken during the spring break before the second rotation started:

At Matapang Beach, Tumon, GU:
Taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing.
Random note: I think I have a crush on the girl on black bikini. She's super hot and fit! Gosh! ~_~

For the second half of the clinical, I was stationed at the obstetrics unit. This unit is a little different from all the units I had been stationed at. For the obstetrics rotation, we had to be stationed at OB Ward, OB nursery, and the labor and delivery unit.

Wall in OB unit:
Taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing.
Transitioning from the OB ward to OB nursery to Labor and Delivery was a little difficult. Each unit is very different from one another. For a brief description: Labor and Delivery is where women pop their babies out; OB ward is where the women (and babies sometimes when they're stable) go to after delivery to recover; OB nursery is where the babies go to right after delivery, and they stay in the unit until their conditions stabilize.

Locker room misadventures: Girls ready to scrub in:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
 No editing.
And thank goodness, despite the challenge of having to prepare myself for different units in a span of two months, I survived the rotation. Thankfully.

I feel a little displeased to inform you that I was not able to take as much pictures during the OB rotation as much as I could.

So here are the last set of photos taken during our last day of clinical.

The birthday girl:
Taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing. :)
 Can you believe one of us had her birthday just in time for the last day of clinical?

The celebrant and I:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing. 
OB rotation-mates and clinical instructors:
Photos taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Edited photos using Camera Awesome.
Collaged using PicStitch app.
Applied Instagram filter. :)
I learned a lot from my clinical experiences this semester. And I am very thankful for being grouped with these awesome people. If only I can have it my way, I would want to be on another rotation with them. Or better yet, work with them in the future as nurses. :)

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