17 May 2012

Re-playing Final Fantasy IX

Recently, the Play Station Network (PSN) had the Final Fantasy (FF) series on sale. Being a huge fan of the series, I decided to purchase two video games from the series - Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX.

So far, I had just started with FF IX. And if you ask me, it is quite nice to re-play a classic video game (which I was never able to finish back then). So to me, re-playing FF IX is quite akin to finishing an unfinished business.

For a few months now, I had been playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, which is also a pretty good video game. And even though I have not finished this game yet, I had decided to play my newly re-purchased FF IX.

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Don't get me wrong. I did not take a break from playing FF XIII-2 because it sucks (like most critics say). Or maybe it does suck in some sort of way. Never mind that. I promise to write a review about Final Fantasy XIII-2 once I'm done with the game.

Back to FF IX.

Honestly, after I begun the game, I felt some sort of relief.

Relief because FF XIII-2's super awesome graphics give me the headache and the not-so-needed motion sickness. Final Fantasy IX's simplicity was definitely a breather from all the high-tech computer graphics that I had been staring at with the latest PS3 video games.

And I must say, I missed playing with more than two characters. :(

In FF XIII-2, there are only two playable characters - Serah and Noel. Some people may count the monsters, but I don't. So really, I missed playing with four party members. In FF IX, like most of you know, there are eight playable characters (if you add the temporary playable ones, then that's more that eight characters, yes?). And in all honesty, I think I prefer FF IX's storyline than XIII-2's. Well, that's probably just me.

Anyway, here are some of my most loved characters in the game:

Vivi: Dark magic is so awesome!
And being called a dark magician while still being so cute is is a plus!
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Garnet: White mage plus summoner? Awesome combination!
And she's pretty too! ;)
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
 I think if I would be in the Final Fantasy realm, I would want to be a white mage / summoner. Who could beat you when you can heal yourself?

Beatrix: The hottest female knight.
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I know Beatrix is not exactly a permanent playable character. But hey, she's hot. And I really, really, really like her (and her name). I remember back when I wished I was named Beatrix. LOL.

Oh, and who did not miss reading dialogues? LOL. For those who never played FF IX, the characters do not have voices, which means you have to read the dialogues. And yes, I missed that.

Dialogue box: because these characters don't have voices.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Now that I thought about it, I think I miss playing FF VIII - the very first Final Fantasy video game that I played and fell in love with. Ah, more about that video game later. My heart suddenly longed to see Squall and Rinoa. Teehee.

As of this date, have only finished about one-tenth of the story of FF IX. Hopefully I finish the game this time. Hopefully.

Lastly, happy summer vacation to everyone! Let us all enjoy our well-deserved break!

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