31 May 2012

Blogger for iPhone

The first time I had access to the Apple AppStore, I was able to find the Blogger app. Back then, however, I was reluctant to have my Blogger account on my iPhone because this blog might turn out to look like my other blog in Tumblr.

In my opinion, having the Tumblr app on my iPhone is no big deal. After all, most of the stuff on my Tumblr are just "reblogs." For my Blogger account to be on my phone is really something else. For one, I fear that this blog might turn out just like my Tumblr blog, where I consider myself as a lazy "reblogger." Secondly, writing a blog post straight from my phone does not give me the same feeling I get when I'm blogging through my laptop. Yes, for some odd reason, I find typing my blog posts through a keyboard weirdly reassuring - like the possibility of having typos is significantly diminished (although this is only a feeling).

But then again, most of the pictures that I put on this blog were taken using my trusty iPhone 4s, as you may have probably noticed by this time. I guess what I'm trying to say is blogging through my iPhone provides a certain convenience. By posting through my phone to this blog, I save a little time from downloading pictures from my phone to my laptop. And I believe tgat the whole concept of having the Blogger app available in the Apple AppStore is to make the life of the average blogger (such as I) more convenient.

You may have probably noticed by now (or you may not) that I am blogging through my phone. After all, what's the point of posting about Blogger for iPhone when I'm not going I try it out for myself, right?

So far, I think the app is working pretty well. Although, it probably is still too early to say that, eh? But who knows? Maybe someday, somehow, I will be used to writing decent blog posts through my phone. And I might actually enjoy it, too! But then again, it's still too early to tell. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :)

30 May 2012

Guam Slingshot

This happened quite a while back (during spring break to be exact).

I know I should be sharing about how my summer is going. However, I have not blogged about this one exciting experience yet, so let me take you back to a night during my most recent spring break.

*insert black and white screen like in old movies*

Last spring break, I was able to try out one of the most popular (or perhaps the most popular) rides in Guam - the Slingshot. (To view my blog post about my spring break, click here.)

Unlike most amusement rides, the Guam Slingshot is not located inside an amusement park. It is, in fact, located right across the street from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tumon, Guam. There are a few fences that separates the area of the Slingshot from the rest of the land, and there is also a gate where people have to pay for certain fees. However, the Slingshot ride is located in an an area where cars pass by and people walk by, making it too obvious to be seen. Moreover, it is also quite high and the lights that adorn the Slingshot make it waaaaay too obvious for people to recognize. Oh, did I mention the lights of the Slingshot ride are pretty to watch? I think the lights add a factor to attract customers, who are mainly tourists by the way.


Last spring break, I got into my tourist-y mood and decided to ride the Slingshot. It was fun (and scary). Scratch that. The experience was way beyond fun.

After paying at the booth (it was twenty bucks if I remember it correctly), my friend Lee and I were led to the lockers to put away our bags, necklaces, phones, and basically everything that could possibly fall out. At this moment, all I felt was excitement. Finally, I thought, I will be riding the Guam Slingshot. Yes, you get that feeling once you have lived in an island for four years and not try out everything.

Lee and I: Securely fastened:
Taken with HDR for iPhone 4s
No editing
Then, we sat on the chairs of the Slingshot and were securely fastened by one of the workers. By this time, my stomach was already starting to feel some butterflies, and my heart was racing. The night breeze felt cool but I was sweating. Oh gosh. By the way, the Slingshot could only hold two people at a time.

On landscape this time:
Taken with HDR for iPhone 4s
No editing
All the excitement that I felt prior to sitting on the Slingshot flew out of my system after we were tossed in the air. I could remember myself screaming and cussing throughout the ride. And thank goodness, all good things come to an end, because if not, I would still be in that ride screaming my lungs out (not a very good picture).

At the end of all the tossing and dropping, the Slingshot comes to a full stop in midair. If you kept your eyes closed throughout the ride, then this is the part where I highly suggest that you start opening your little peepers. The view was beautiful, and I bet you don't want to miss it. Come to think of it, you do not want to pay twenty bucks just to be tortured, right? So just like what I said earlier, open your eyes once the ride comes to a full stop in midair, because after that, the ride will slowly descend on land while you absorb all the things you can see from above.

That small flicker of lights: the ride itself:
Taken with HDR for iPhone 4s
No editing.
Before I forget, I suggest to ride the Slingshot at night. Why? Simple. Guam gets really hot during the day, and the Slingshot ride is pretty much a very open ride. What I meant was, it has no roof or walls of some sort to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. And did I mention you cannot wear sunglasses or hats because they will fall out during the ride? Also, I think the view at night is better than the view you can see during the day. Take it from me: Tumon is very beautiful at night (with all those pretty colorful lights that people turn on in the evening).

Signboard: Slingshot:
Taken with HDR for iPhone 4s.
No editing

Now that I have shared my experience regarding this ride, I hope it convinced you to try it out when you visit Guam. And I highly doubt that you would have the complete tour of Guam when you don't ride the Slingshot. It is definitely worth all the screams you'll be doing.

19 May 2012


Today, I got to try Zumba workout for the very first time.

To those living under a rock, Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez in Colombia in the 1990s. (Definition taken from Wikipedia)

When I was invited by my friend to join the Zumba workout, I felt a little apprehensive. First of all, I was scared to be embarrassed; I have never tried Zumba and I had a feeling that everyone who would be joining the workout were pros. Second of all, it had been YEARS since the last time I danced; my joints had probably gotten stiff over the years. Lastly, I was feeling a little lazy. I had been staying inactive for the past months due to the overwhelming amount of studying that I had to do for my exams. And you know what they say: A body that stays at rest, will stay at rest.

So why did I decide to get out of the house and finally move my lazy body? It was because the Zumba was for a good cause. And I love supporting events that have a good cause, especially when the good cause is related to medicine and health. LOL. I am such a *cough* future nurse *cough*.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the two hours Zumba workout even though Zumba is not exactly my thing. It was fun because I got to do it with many people... And nobody seemed to mind that I could hardly keep up with the steps of the dances. Hahaha! And it's been such a long time since I felt so sore from exercise. Sadistic as it may sound, I enjoy feeling the pain in my thighs as of this moment.

Oh, before I forget to mention, I think this Zumba exercise might just be a good sign for me to start working out or actually start doing Zumba on a regular basis. Why? Simple! Because I won good prizes during the raffle after the workout! And there is nothing more motivating than a little surprise after a workout.

PRIZES: Yogurtland gift card, Scentsy fresheners, and
Tony Roma's gift certificate.

The people who did the Zumba workout

Sandra and I: sweaty, shaking, and sore, but feeling accomplished!
So yes, first step to becoming fit this summer was taken tonight at the Zumba party. :)

17 May 2012

Re-playing Final Fantasy IX

Recently, the Play Station Network (PSN) had the Final Fantasy (FF) series on sale. Being a huge fan of the series, I decided to purchase two video games from the series - Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX.

So far, I had just started with FF IX. And if you ask me, it is quite nice to re-play a classic video game (which I was never able to finish back then). So to me, re-playing FF IX is quite akin to finishing an unfinished business.

For a few months now, I had been playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, which is also a pretty good video game. And even though I have not finished this game yet, I had decided to play my newly re-purchased FF IX.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Don't get me wrong. I did not take a break from playing FF XIII-2 because it sucks (like most critics say). Or maybe it does suck in some sort of way. Never mind that. I promise to write a review about Final Fantasy XIII-2 once I'm done with the game.

Back to FF IX.

Honestly, after I begun the game, I felt some sort of relief.

Relief because FF XIII-2's super awesome graphics give me the headache and the not-so-needed motion sickness. Final Fantasy IX's simplicity was definitely a breather from all the high-tech computer graphics that I had been staring at with the latest PS3 video games.

And I must say, I missed playing with more than two characters. :(

In FF XIII-2, there are only two playable characters - Serah and Noel. Some people may count the monsters, but I don't. So really, I missed playing with four party members. In FF IX, like most of you know, there are eight playable characters (if you add the temporary playable ones, then that's more that eight characters, yes?). And in all honesty, I think I prefer FF IX's storyline than XIII-2's. Well, that's probably just me.

Anyway, here are some of my most loved characters in the game:

Vivi: Dark magic is so awesome!
And being called a dark magician while still being so cute is is a plus!
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Garnet: White mage plus summoner? Awesome combination!
And she's pretty too! ;)
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
 I think if I would be in the Final Fantasy realm, I would want to be a white mage / summoner. Who could beat you when you can heal yourself?

Beatrix: The hottest female knight.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
I know Beatrix is not exactly a permanent playable character. But hey, she's hot. And I really, really, really like her (and her name). I remember back when I wished I was named Beatrix. LOL.

Oh, and who did not miss reading dialogues? LOL. For those who never played FF IX, the characters do not have voices, which means you have to read the dialogues. And yes, I missed that.

Dialogue box: because these characters don't have voices.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Now that I thought about it, I think I miss playing FF VIII - the very first Final Fantasy video game that I played and fell in love with. Ah, more about that video game later. My heart suddenly longed to see Squall and Rinoa. Teehee.

As of this date, have only finished about one-tenth of the story of FF IX. Hopefully I finish the game this time. Hopefully.

Lastly, happy summer vacation to everyone! Let us all enjoy our well-deserved break!

15 May 2012

The semester that was spring 2012

Today marked the last day of spring 2012.

And like every other semester in the nursing program, every nightmare must come to an end. So far, this semester had been the most nightmarish of them all. My grades never went as low as my grade this semester, and I had NEVER been so unmotivated in my entire life until this semester. Seriously. I think my blood pressure had increased tenfold due to stress. I guess nursing school does not get easier as you progress with the program, eh?

My OB and Peds books:
One of the first photos I took with instagram app.
Pardon the poor iPhone editing skills. :(
I could not say that the first half of the semester was all great. Although, I think the first half of the semester was a little better than the second half. It was a little better probably because I was hopeful at that time. As the semester went on, I guess the stress of being a nursing student sucked the life out of me.

Dinner with Team Lorna at Shirley's Tamuning:
Photo taken with my iPhone 4s.
Edited with the camera-plus app.
Then filter from instagram was applied. :)
I loved my rotation at the pediatrics ward. It was beyond awesome. I learned and had fun at the same time. 

Cookie cake for our clinical instructor:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Instagram filter applied.
Last dinner for Peds rotation at KarKar Chinese Restaurant:
Taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing here.
During this rotation, Draw Something was the most popular phone app / game. Everyone had it on their phone. Everyone played it. Everyone drew something with it. Everyone. So while waiting for our turn to be evaluated on our last night in the ward, we played Draw Something... Live!

Here's the most epic of all the drawings that were drawn that night:

Hip Replacement:
Photo taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing. :))))
Super epic drawing!
This is my team during the live draw something game: Team Gangster! :)

Team Gangster with leader Mae (on gray sweater):
Taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Instagram filter applied.
Don't we look too happy in this photo?

Making funny faces in the playroom:
Taken with Camera Awesome app.
Cropped and filtered using Instagram app. :)
Oh, and we just loved taking pictures.

Where is Dan looking at?
Taken using Camera Awesome app.
No editing.
With the Pediatric Ward staff:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Filter used from Instagram. :)
I was really lucky to be grouped with these people for the pediatrics rotation. They made the rotation fun.

Note: I know this post is getting way too long, but bear with me. This post is for a whole four month semester.

Interlude: another photo. Not clinical related. This was taken during the university's 60th charter day. Biba Guahan! :)
Photo taken at a  photo-booth during charter day
Another interlude photo taken during the spring break before the second rotation started:

At Matapang Beach, Tumon, GU:
Taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing.
Random note: I think I have a crush on the girl on black bikini. She's super hot and fit! Gosh! ~_~

For the second half of the clinical, I was stationed at the obstetrics unit. This unit is a little different from all the units I had been stationed at. For the obstetrics rotation, we had to be stationed at OB Ward, OB nursery, and the labor and delivery unit.

Wall in OB unit:
Taken using HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing.
Transitioning from the OB ward to OB nursery to Labor and Delivery was a little difficult. Each unit is very different from one another. For a brief description: Labor and Delivery is where women pop their babies out; OB ward is where the women (and babies sometimes when they're stable) go to after delivery to recover; OB nursery is where the babies go to right after delivery, and they stay in the unit until their conditions stabilize.

Locker room misadventures: Girls ready to scrub in:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
 No editing.
And thank goodness, despite the challenge of having to prepare myself for different units in a span of two months, I survived the rotation. Thankfully.

I feel a little displeased to inform you that I was not able to take as much pictures during the OB rotation as much as I could.

So here are the last set of photos taken during our last day of clinical.

The birthday girl:
Taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing. :)
 Can you believe one of us had her birthday just in time for the last day of clinical?

The celebrant and I:
Photo taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
No editing. 
OB rotation-mates and clinical instructors:
Photos taken with HDR cam for iPhone 4s.
Edited photos using Camera Awesome.
Collaged using PicStitch app.
Applied Instagram filter. :)
I learned a lot from my clinical experiences this semester. And I am very thankful for being grouped with these awesome people. If only I can have it my way, I would want to be on another rotation with them. Or better yet, work with them in the future as nurses. :)