18 April 2012

Tintin goes to Ritidian Beach Point (finally!)

Tintin goes to Ritidian Beach Point. And here's a photo-proof to that:

Black cardigan on the beach, seriously?

I know the photo looks like just another random beach here in Guam, but I swear that it's taken in Ritidian Beach Point! 

I lived in Guam for… err… four years. And guess what, I have not explored the entirety of this small island in that four years. Before you point that finger, let me defend myself. On most vacations, I go off-island. That means I only stay here when I am taking classes. That also means almost no time to exploooore.

Ritidian Beach Point.
Anyway, as a reward to myself after getting a *cough* good *cough* grade for the last exam that I took for my pediatrics class, I rewarded myself some time off from studying and writing papers. Hence, I got the time to go to a beach that I had never been to.

Had I felt lazy yesterday, I would probably stay at home to sleep, eat, and watch TV (and get faaaat). But I decided… IT’S TIME. (Forgive my drama)

So I went to Ritidian Beach Point. If you search TripAdvisor for places to go in Guam, you will probably see Ritidian Beach Point as one of the top spots to visit. The beach was breathtaking, but the drive time to get there feels so looooong like it’s gonna go on forever. Am I glad that nothing lasts forever! LMAO.

The slope going down to the beach. It was a SLOPE.
Slow down when driving people. Well, that's just a tip. :)
The seemingly long trip (perhaps forty-five minutes away from my place… or was that an hour? Can’t really remember, sorry.) was worth it. Seriously. The beach was so clean and peaceful, or at least it was when I went there. Hihi. :3

Best beach on the island of Guam. :)

There were barely any people in there. And I did not see a single trash. Plus, it’s a white sand beach like most beaches here in Guam! 

And did I mention the waves looked stunning? Too bad I was not able to take a picture of those waves. The trip was kind of an impromptu trip and I only had my iphone 4s as my weapon to save memories into. *sigh* I promise that next time I will bring my SLR to take pictures of better quality.

That’s about it!

P.S. Oh how I missed blogging. By the way, anyone using instagram? I swear by that app 24/7 (well, almost). Follow me, por favor? IG username is xtinisobelle. ;)