20 March 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring break officially started when the clock hit ten o’clock in the evening last Saturday. That means, today is the third day of spring break and I have officially attained the trophy of being a complete bum. I had been staying at home and having absolutely no life for the past days. What a total waste of time, eh? I have not done anything productive so far! So what does this call for? A goal list!

I really do not want this break to pass by without me doing anything. I mean, seriously. Some people are going off island during the break to enjoy it while I stay at home and play video games and watch TV.

Oh well, here goes nothing.

Here’s my list of goals for spring break.

1.     Be a complete bum for a day. Relax. Unwind. Do not exercise and eat unhealthy, fattening foods as much as I can tolerate. It’s the perfect time to stop worrying, after all.
2.     Go to the beach… Coz that what spring break should be about.
3.     Sell Jamaican Grill plates as part of my class’ fundraiser.
4.     Participate at the Car Wash (for class fundraiser).
5.     Make progress with my Final Fantasy XIII-2 walk through.
6.     Watch videos that I have put on queue on Netflix.
7.     Read the four chapters that will be on the test for Obstetrics.
8.     Win something on the radio.
9.     Update blogger blog (because I haven’t updated in ages!)
10. Finish the Vampire Knight manga Lee lent me.
11. Catch up with reading Naruto Shippuden.
12. Catch up with watching Gossip Girl, School Rumble, and Naruto Shippuden.
13. Catch up with reading downloaded books on iBooks on my iPhone.
14. Buy my brother a new pair of slipper (just so he won’t keep borrowing and breaking my slippers).
15. Ride the slingshot.
16. Exercise in two days of the break, at least.

All right! I guess that is about it! Let’s see how many goals I can achieve by the end of the break, shall we?

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