20 March 2012

Hong Kong Day 3: The Peak and Madame Tussaud's

Ohh man. February passed and I only had one blog post. And now, March is almost over and I have not posted anything yet! Ahhhhh!!! Nooooo!!! So before this month is over, let me just finish my three-part blog post on my misadventures in Hong Kong.

Part I: Last day in HK

Let me tell this story as accurate as I could. It’s been two months since this happened and my story might not be as accurate as I want it to be. *cries* Anyhow, the highlight of the day was us heading to HK Central and Madame Tussaud’s.

Buildings in Central. Note Chanel and Cartier
I was not really able to appreciate much of what needs to be seen in Central. There were a lot of tall buildings and shops, both high end and “affordable” shops. Because I did not really take any good pictures and because I honestly do not have anything much to say here, let’s skip to our trip to Madame Tussaud’s, shall we?

Central. HK Park. Peak Tram.
To get to Madame Tussaud’s, we had to ride the Peak Tram, which is a train that goes uphill. And do I have to tell you that you have to pay to ride the tram?

The Peak Tram entrance fountain
While waiting for the tram. Some goodies from the war.
While waiting for the tram. Some goodies from the war.
While waiting for the tram. Some goodies from the war.
While waiting for the tram. Some goodies from the war.
While waiting for the tram. Some goodies from the war.
While waiting for the tram. Some goodies from the war.
The Tram is coming! Yeeeeeees!
Going uphill with The Peak Tram
The view while going uphill
The view while going uphill
Next, my family and I went around The Peak (the highest point at HK, I believe). There were a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants. The place, to me, was kind of a mini-mall.

However, the mini-mall inside The Peak was not the highlight of the building – it was the rooftop (where you had to pay to go up to, by the way). To people who want to visit this place: make sure you have some extra cash to spare. You would not want to miss the view at the top and get your picture taken and printed right then and there.

Say I love you at The Peak
Say I love you at The Peak
View from The Peak
View from The Peak
After admiring the view and getting really cold, we decided to head to Madame Tussaud’s – a wax museum. Outside the museum, we saw Bruce Lee (or was it Marshall Law from Tekken?!?) standing.

Christian posing with Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee slash Marshall Law
Since we got the package which included a back and forth ride in the tram, and entrance tickets to Madame Tussaud’s, it was a little more convenient and easy for us to explore (insert Dora the Explorer’s theme song). The first person (or wax person) I met in the museum was Jackie Chan. I guess Mr. Chan became HK’s national hero, so the attendants told us that we cannot take a picture of him; We can only have our picture taken with him and then they print it out for us (note: this is an additional thing to spend for). The picture was of good quality, though. And I suggest that you get your picture taken in here as well.
So far, here are my favorite pictures taken at the museum:

Brad and Angelina. So tall!
Edward Cullen! I mean, Robert Pattinson.
The Queen of Hearts. Lol.
Let me be your queen. Lol.
Dinner with these cute pigs.
Maximum spider!
Aahh! Audrey!
Like a virgin!
Christian moonwalking with MJ
After exploring The Peak, we rode the tram once again to go downhill. Guess where we headed?

Yep, we went to possibly the biggest shopping mall in HK – Festival Walk. Again, another shop-filled place. Man, I think I got sick of seeing shopping places when we were in HK.

Real ponsettia (my first time to see REAL ONES!)
After our short visit to Festival Walk, we went back to my favorite place in HK, MongKok! There were so many shops to buy affordable stuff in! We even found this small store where my brother was able to buy his Gundam at half the price he usually pays when we are in Philippines. How cool was that? And must I mention the night market in MongKok was great? People can bargain with the sellers and there were just way to many things to buy! I am definitely going to visit MongKok again (once I have the money, that is).

Anyway, I guess that’s the last of my short trip to HK.

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