01 February 2012

Hong Kong Day 2: Disneyland!

The clock on my mac is showing 12:07 AM at the moment, so let me just greet you all with a HAPPY FEBRUARY FIRST! Yay! Is everyone excited for Valentine’s Day? And for all you US residents out there, what are you planning to do on President’s Day?

I know I have been updating quite slowly. Sorry about that. Anyhow, let’s move on…

Photo-heavy entry ahead...

As you may have probably read in the title of this entry, we spent almost the entire day of our second day in Hong Kong at HK Disneyland! And yes, I was very excited to go there. It was the first Disneyland I have ever been to after all. Poor me, eh? First Disneyland experience at the age of twenty-one. Wow. Now that's what you call a record? Haha. Well, let’s say I did something for the kid in me while I was in HK.

For you folks who have been to any Disneyland / Disneyworld, how did you feel like after you felt the entrance tickets in your hands? If you weren’t the one holding the ticket, then how did you feel like after passing the entrance gates? Why do I ask? Let’s just say that what you felt was probably how I felt when I held the tickets and went inside HK Disneyland.

Scratch that. I think the surge of childish excitement started rush when we got on board of the train going to Disneyland. I mean, seriously. Everything in the train yells, “In a few minutes, you will be in Disneyland. Get ready to meet your favorite Disney characters in person!”

Find the not-so-hidden Mickey!
Pluto inside of the MTR! :)
Look at the handles! :)
After getting off from the short train ride from Nam Cheong to Disneyland, we quickly headed for the entrance, mainly because my sibs and I were practically bouncing off, ready to conquer Disneyland. LOL.


I was actually amazed by this fountain. So... high-tech!
Then, we paid for our tickets. I forgot what the exact price of the tickets was but if my memory serves me right, we paid about three hundred US dollars for five people. So that’s approximately $60 per person, right? I guess the ticket price was not so bad…

Guess what the first thing we did after going through the entrance… Eat, of course! This Mickey-shaped waffle is a must try:

LOL. Who wouldn’t want to eat Mickey’s face, anyway? *evil laugh*

After riding on a few kid-friendly rides (we have a nine year old boy with us), we went to meet Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch) digitally. Too bad taking pictures inside the building was not allowed.

Christian trying to lift planet... ughh... Jupiter on his
shoulders. Perhaps his most creative pose in HK. :P
After meeting a very cute little alien who says “Aloha!” almost every seven minutes, we stood on a sidewalk to wait for the Flights of Fantasy parade.

Lo and behold, the Disney characters! (Note: I have more pictures of the Flights of Fantasy parade than any other event that happened in Disney… or in HK. LOL. I just decided to choose a few and share them with you.)

Cinderella looks okay...
It's Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) that I'm worried about!
She looks more like the evil witch! LOL. Kidding.
Or maybe I'm not kidding. Go figure.
One of my favorite shots. Really caught this guy's
moment on cam!
I'm more of a Pumba fan... But I guess Timon would do.
I couldn't find Pumba, anyway. :(
Say: "ALOHA!!!"
Jessie from Toy Story... She looks like she has facial edema.
Woody, where's Andy? :P
We also took a video of the parade but it takes me hours to upload a video in Youtube. And at the moment, I do not have that much time to waste waiting for a looooong video to be uploaded online. I have to go to sleep soon, you know.

After the parade, we headed for the Golden Mickeys. And man, the entrance was packed! Although, regardless of the number of people, the lines were kept straight and no one was hurt in the process of entering the building. I just love how organized it was. :)

The Golden Mickeys is a ‘no flash photography zone,’ so again, I was not able to take a lot of pictures in here. Besides, my family was getting a bit antsy about the place being ‘no flash photography’ and I was taking photos (no flash by the way). They thought that taking pictures were absolutely prohibited. Oh well.

Black and yellow! Black and yellow! 

That's Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame
Walking around and lining up got us tired… And hungry! So what did we do? We ate again! Now that I’m writing blog entries about my HK trip, I am starting to realize where all the pounds I gained came from.

It was still cold in HK on our second day. And instead of eating something cold (like what I did on our first day, if you remember Holly Cow), I decided to have something warm. I had noodles! (Not sure if I should call it ramen coz I usually associate ramen with Japanese food and not Chinese food. So what should I call it? A wanton?)

Where we ate our merienda
Our next stop was at the Adventure Land. It was the part of HK Disneyland where Tarzan’s tree house and Simba’s Kingdom were at. 

Tarzan and Jane were NOT swinging on a vine, Candyman
After our short visit in Adventure Land, we went to Toy Story Land! Had I known the rides for big kids and the kids at heart were located here, I would have insisted to go here first!

Perhaps my only regret was not being able to ride this one:

This ride swings back and forth like a giant swing, except of course, the ride was pretty high and there was no swing. Inside this larger than life horseshoe is a long cart that rolls back and forth. Oh how I wish I rode on it!

Mama thought the ride was too dangerous and scary for me… Well, I rode on Universal Studios Singapore’s Battlestar Gallactica ride before -which, by the way, I think is scarier than this ride.

And our last stop was Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

Sleeping Beauty's castle. Perhaps the best shot I took in
HK Disneyland.
Disneyland is known for its spectacular fireworks display. Hence, the fireworks on the white castle with blue background at the beginning of Disney movies (just in case you have not noticed). And this being my first time in Disneyland, you know I would not miss seeing the fireworks display. :)

After spending practically the entire day in Disneyland, we decided to visit another place in HK. It was only around eight thirty at night and we only had one day left in HK.

We decided to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. And again, with the cold, the walking and the train rides taking their toll on our bodies, we decided to eat at KFC. Haha. Nothing too exciting there. Just like the first dinner we had in HK.

First time I saw this in KFC. I guess this is HK's version
of the corn bread we have at KFCs in Guam
And that ends the second day.

Up next: Last Day in HK!

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