01 January 2012

Remembering 2011

Now that 2012 is starting, I would like to look back and share some of the most memorable experiences I had in the past year of 2011. The past year had been quite difficult and trying, but like everyone, I have a lot to be thankful for.

January 2011 - The end of being a Pre-Nursing and the start of being a Nursing student at the University of Guam
The beginning of a new chapter (and sleepless nights, and crying about grades and exams) in my life. Spring 2011 semester was difficult and I'm glad to say at this point that I made it through.
Photo by Raf DeAusen
Got this photo from Shera's facebook, though

 February 2011 - Renewal of Basic Life Support License (CPR)
As my batch mates and I started the nursing student life, we are required to have our CPR licenses updated. My palms got a bruised a little but it was worth it. We can never tell when the need to do CPR comes up, so it's good to be licensed to do CPR, yes?
Thanks Marianne for this photo.
Really captured the moment. :)

April 2011 - Celebrated John's 9th birthday during spring break at Onward Resort and Water Park
I love hitting the beach during spring break, even if it means getting tanned (or very dark for that matter). And there is no better way to spend the break than spending it with my family and friends. 

Thanks for taking this photo Leerose (she used my
digicam, though)
July 2011 - Singapore (with best friend)
The tour had marked off a lot of firsts for me. First flight on my own, first tour on a different country, and first tour with my best friend. This was definitely the highlight of my summer! View my blog entry about this post:

Thanks to the random tourist (or local, sorry I forgot) who
took this photo. Great shot at Sentosa, SG.

September 2011 - Turned 21. First birthday celebrated during a clinical.
As a nursing student, I do not get the luxury of choosing my schedule (and days off from clinical) so I had to spend my 21st birthday in the hospital with my clinical-mates, clinical instructor, and patients. Say hello to the life of a nursing student! :)
Photo taken by Shera (I think). Not exactly taken during
my birthday, but it was taken with me and the people
I had spent my birthday with. Thank you guys for a
wonderful clinical experience!
November 2011: 
Halloween 2011
John dressed up as Batman - The Dark Knight. It was really fun helping him choose a costume that suited him. Also, we spent the afternoon of the day going around Underwater World and looking for bats and lanterns. After that, we went to the mall to go trick or treating in the stores. It was exhausting but my brothers (especially John) and I had a lot of fun.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with the Sangalang family.
My family and the Sangalang's had Thanksgiving lunch at the newly opened Jamaican Grill branch at the Dededo Mall. View more here.

32nd Japanese festival at Ypao Beach with the family.
It is really fun to have see a little of Japan's culture. Although I had eaten a lot during Thanksgiving, I still ate quite a lot during this festival. Such a fattening weekend for me.View more here.
Photo by John
December 2011 - Celebrated Christmas with the family.
My family, together with my only aunt and uncle in Guam had Noche Buena at the Guam Reef Hotel. Christmas was another fattening holiday for me. Look at how fat my arm is in this picture. Oh well, I guess my new year's resolution will be to lose weight. View more here.
Photo by the very nice random server (sorry can't remember
your name)
Now that I have looked at my pictures in the past year, I have noticed my gradual weight gain. :( I have to lose weight this year.

My weight dilemma aside, I am thankful for these wonderful memories I had in the past year. I am also very thankful for all the blessings my family and I had received. Most of all, I am thankful to be here to look forward to 2012.

Let us all hope for a good 2012. Cheers to a new year! Happy new year everyone! :)

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