29 January 2012

Hello Hong Kong!

Note: I'm supposed to be studying / reading right now. I had been itching to get my nursing books, and now that they're here, I just can't get my studying mood on. *sigh* Anyhow, a big shout out goes to Barnes and Noble for refunding me for my text books because the shipment did not come on time. It was not BN's fault. They have sent the package on time. I think it is USPS's (United States Postal Services) fault that my package did not come on time. Regardless, BN refunded the whole amount that I paid for. I so love Barnes and Noble!

It's been quite a while since I promised to share about my experience with my visit in HK. I apologize for the long wait. I had been... lazy for the past couple of days.

If you have read my past posts about the start of my two week vacation (click here and here), you are now probably wondering if I miraculously got better after I set foot in Hong Kong International Airport. Sadly, the miracle did not happen. I had spent half of the flight sleeping, and the other half coughing and going back and forth my seat and the lavatory. It was so embarrassing. Coughing, I mean. I think I was the only one coughing inside the plane. And my coughing drew too much unwanted attention to myself.

Fast forward to the moment we landed safely to HK Airport, I almost could not believe it when the pilot announced that the ground temperature in HK was ten degrees centigrade. I thought, WHAAAT?! I have read in a few websites that HK gets cold during December. However, I have this assumption that almost all asian countries are tropical countries, so I did not expect HK to be 10 degrees cold. My bad. I assumed it would be breezy and the cold would be tolerable, but  I was so wrong. Dang! I was wearing a shirt, hoodie, and a pair of bermuda shorts (bare legs). That was probably my mistake number one.

Boarding the train INSIDE the airport. I was like, WOAH!
The airport was so big people need to get on a train to
get to the next point! BTW, I know you can't really see
what I'm wearing here, but at least you can see the
bare legs, right? T__T
Greeting 10 degrees HK with my bare legs and not-
suited-for-winter hoodie. Still at the HK International
Airport here. :)
As said earlier, I was still feeling a bit sick. And the weather in HK did not help at all. In fact, it made my headache and cough worse. By the time we went outside the airport, my whole body was shivering and my teeth were chattering. There was actually a time when I had to sit in Mama's lap so she can hug me and keep me warm...

Fast forward again. When we got to our hotel, which was located at what I think is the border of HK, I immediately turned on the heater, climbed to bed, and wrapped myself in thick blankets. Let me tell you, lying down in bed under thick blankets never felt so good. I'm not saying it was softest bed or blanket I ever laid on, but HK's unfriendly temperature was a killer! And those blankets (and the heater) were lifesavers!

Travel tip: If you're planning to visit HK, pick a hotel from Tsim Sha Tsui area. You don't want to waste time and energy traveling back and forth from a far hotel to the tourist spots. AND, travel via MTR (train). Bus rides are more comfortable than the MTR, yes. But traveling via MTR is much faster. Oh and I have mastered the art of reading directions in MTRs. LOL. I'm so proud of myself. Hihihi.

Due to the unfavorable weather, we had to spend half of our first day in HK in the hotel. We had to sleep and purchase some winter clothes. (If you're wondering how we were able to do a bit of shopping, our hotel had an adjacent mall.) Because I was so desperate to warm up, I just grabbed a winter jacket and a pair of black leg warmers from Giordano (not caring how they looked like and not even bothering to try them on) and asked Mama to buy them for me since I had no HK dollar in my pocket... yet! Sure enough, Mama bought them immediately. And I immediately put the winter jacket on. It was not until the second day that I felt a little guilty of that purchase. The jacket was a little expensive and un-fashionable, but out of desperation, I had to ask Mama to buy it. *sad*

This pic was taken in HK Disneyland on our second
day in HK. I was trying to find a pic on Day 1 that
showcased my winter jacket and leg warmers, but
I could not find one.
After buying our winter clothes, we headed for a Chinese restaurant (still inside the mall) to eat lunch. In Guam, we have a bunch of Chinese restaurants, and all of those restaurants serve almost the same dishes such as corn soup, cutlets, and honey walnut shrimp. Guess what we did. We tried to order what we usually order at Chinese restaurants in Guam. Yup, we did not even look at the menu. I guess that would be mistake number two, eh? We ordered honey walnut shrimp and chicken cutlet. To our surprise (especially Mama's), they do NOT serve chicken cutlet or honey walnut shrimp! Goodness.

Chinese tea - the first beverage I had in HK
Anyhow, after wasting half of the day in the hotel with adjacent mall, we headed for the place called Mong Kok. Scratch that. We were supposed to go to Kowloon. I forgot if it were Kowloon Tong or the other Kowloon. There are two Kowloons in Hong Kong. Sorry if you got confused. But then, we met a few good Pinoys in HK, whom we met at Olympian City, and they told us to go to Mong Kok if we were looking for really cheap buys.

While at Olympian City... While my family was asking people about how to get to Mong Kok, I saw this place that sells froyos. And because I loooooove frozen yogurt so much, I decided to forget that I was sick and bought me some delicious froyo.

 ... I love the name of this froyo shop - Holly Cow! And look at the cow! It has a halo! It must really be holly! The catchy name was enough to grab my attention. :) Anyhow, sorry for the poor quality of picture. I was not in the mood to take pics because I was not feeling well. Although, I just had to take a picture of the shop's sign. Like I said, it's catchy... And I might as well add creative.

This is the froyo that I tried from Holly Cow. It's called banana split. Love banana split ice cream? Well, I'm sure you'll also love this froyo banana split. Definitely a must-try!

By the time we got to Mong Kok, it was already dark. Talk about an entire day wasted! Thanks a lot to the slow bus rides we took. Seriously. We should have taken the MTR for all our trips! MTR would take half the time we spent in the bus! Ughhhh! Thanks a lot to my flu, I was not able to do my research prior to our visit in HK!

So yes, it was already dark and we were not able to go to the tourist spots in HK! As I was starting to feel a bit frustrated, I saw my new love, and replaced my old love. LOL. That did not sound right.



Tah dah! I replaced my phone for four years (a motorolla v3xx) and replaced it with...

...iPhone 4s! Yay! I can scratch something from my wish list! Hihi. See that bunny case? I got it in Mong Kok as well. Mong Kok has a wide variety of iphones, iphone cases, protectors and skins to choose from. So if you're looking for the perfect place to shop for iphone what nots (aside from Amazon, that is), go to Mong Kok, HK! When I saw this case, I just died. Gosh it's so cute. Playboy bunny-ish. LOL. :D
I have a friend named Arjyll. This street sign kinda
reminded me of her. Kinda lang naman. ;)
After purchasing my unlocked iphone 4s (hmmm... should I give it a name?), we started to look for toys for my sibs. Sadly, Mong Kok was too big and everyone we asked told us that there were no toy stores in Mong Kok. They were proven wrong on our third day. I'll tell you more about it soon.

I know how sad my sibs got, so being the oh-so-nice-big-sister that I am, I got all of us something that could hopefully lift up our spirits. Or at least, my sibs spirits. They were so down after hearing from person after person that there were no toy stores around Mong Kok.

Mango tart! Mango (whether it's yellow or green) is my
favorite fruit, so I would not miss trying this! It's super
delicious by the way. I can have this for desert every day! 

Assorted fruit tart from the same deli shop. :) Another
oh-so-yummy treat. My sibs and I loved it to bits!
Our last stop was at Mcdonald's where we ate dinner. I guess Mama was not very pleased with her first try of Hong Kong food during lunch so she opted to have dinner at a place where she knew what would be served - burgers and french fries. *sigh*

And that completes my family's first day in Hong Kong.

Note to self:
1) The iPhone 4s will be my most expensive buy for this year. I swear. I could have gotten it from Guam Telecommunications Authority (GTA), but according to the people I know who are subscribed to GTA, GTA's service "sucks." Please note, that did not come from me. So to avoid being entrapped for two years on a contract that "sucks," I had decided to purchase the cellphone unit and subscribe to a different service provider - Docomo Pacific. And as of now, I am very pleased with Docomo's service - the 3G is fast and I can change or sign out from my subscription any time I want, a contract-less contract! How cool is that?

2) When people say it's going to be cold on a place that I am going to visit, I would specifically ask them how cold it would be. The weather in HK caught me by surprise. How insanely weird.

That's all. :)

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