29 January 2012

A Mother's Story

Let's take a break from my story about my trip in HK. I promise to tell you more about the trip in my next post. PROMISE.

I just got home from the mall. Every Sunday after we go to church, then we drive to the mall to eat lunch. Usually, we eat lunch, walk around Macy's, then do a little grocery shopping at Payless Supermarket. After that, we head home because I have to read my nursing books. But because my first exam is scheduled next week, we decided to watch a movie, a Filipino movie, in the theaters. At this moment, let it not be said my that my family does not support the Philippine economy. Not only do we visit Philippines at least three times per year and buy Filipino products, but we also watch Filipino movies! LOL. :D

The movie we watched was A Mother's Story, which starred Pokwang, Rayver Cruz, Xyriel Manabat, and many other Filipino artistas.

Photo from Google Images
The story showed the hardships OFWs (overseas filipino workers) face when they leave the country. It also showed how great a mother's love is for her children. The movie started showing the life of a typical poor family in the Philippines. Medy (Pokwang) was married to an irresponsible man who not only was jobless but also gambles Medy's earnings. Medy also had a son, King (Rayver), and she was pregnant with her youngest daughter Queenie (Xyriel).

After giving birth to Queenie, they found out that Queenie had the condition called wet lungs. Due to this, she decided to leave her family and fly to the United States to work for seven days as a make-up artist. However, her supposedly seven days stay in USA became seven years. Medy decided to stay in the USA and become an illegal alien to primarily support Queenie's medical treatment. In the US, Medy met her high school best friend (played by Beth Tamayo) who helped her find jobs even though she was an illegal resident. Her first job as a clerk turned out to be okay. Her boss treated her nicely and humanely. However, Queenie's condition became worse and Medy had to find a better paying job. With the help of her best friend, she quit her job as a clerk and worked as a stay-in maid for a well to do family.

Her new boss took Medy's passport away from her, taking away her freedom to leave. She was not exactly battered by her boss. In fact, the movie never showed either of her bosses physically hurting her. Yes, they yelled at her and called her stupid, and her work might be a little too much such as taking off her boss' shoes, but I think she was treated okay. Comparing her story from other stories I have heard from other domestic helpers, Medy's story was not as bad. She had the freedom to go grocery shopping and see her best friend after all. She was even able to ask her boss to send mails to her family. Although, it was not very clear if her boss really did send the mails.

Fast forward to Medy going back to her family in the Philippines... It was no surprise that when Medy met her daughter Queenie, her daughter had no idea who she was. It was also showed that King does not see her as his mother anymore. Rather, he saw her as the woman who sends them money and balikbayan boxes full of gifts for them. I guess another typical occurrence was when Medy found out that her husband got married to one of her kumares (female friend).

Just like most stories about domestic helpers, Medy told her family what happened to her abroad - that life was not as easy as her family had assumed. Then, she annulled her marriage with her jerk of a husband, and kept her kids.

Lastly, by the end of the movie, it was shown that Medy was given justice - thanks a lot to the daughter of her bosses, and to one of the most famous lawyers in the US, Attorney Garfinkel. If you have been a client of Atty. Garfinkel, you'll know that he charges quite a lot. A consultation would cost you two hundred dollars. I guess this shows Medy has enough money in her pockets, right? It was also showed that her son King had impregnated a woman and that he's leaving to become an OFW to support his family to be.

All in all, Pokwang did a pretty good job with this movie. Although, I must say, this movie reminded me of a movie I saw years ago - Vilma Santos' and Claudine Barretto's Anak.

From Google Images
I remember crying nonstop while watching Anak. As for A Mother's Story, there were moments when I feel like I was about to cry, but then Pokwang or another character would lighten up the mood by throwing funny punchlines. In addition, I think Vilma Santos' character was more battered by her bosses, and her problems in the Philippines were not very easily solved. Medy (Pokwang) did not have a daughter who was not only addicted to drugs but also sleeps around, right?

Alright, I think I'll stop comparing the two movies now. Watch both of the movies, okay? Watching them would tell you a better story than reading about them in my blog.


Hello Hong Kong!

Note: I'm supposed to be studying / reading right now. I had been itching to get my nursing books, and now that they're here, I just can't get my studying mood on. *sigh* Anyhow, a big shout out goes to Barnes and Noble for refunding me for my text books because the shipment did not come on time. It was not BN's fault. They have sent the package on time. I think it is USPS's (United States Postal Services) fault that my package did not come on time. Regardless, BN refunded the whole amount that I paid for. I so love Barnes and Noble!

It's been quite a while since I promised to share about my experience with my visit in HK. I apologize for the long wait. I had been... lazy for the past couple of days.

If you have read my past posts about the start of my two week vacation (click here and here), you are now probably wondering if I miraculously got better after I set foot in Hong Kong International Airport. Sadly, the miracle did not happen. I had spent half of the flight sleeping, and the other half coughing and going back and forth my seat and the lavatory. It was so embarrassing. Coughing, I mean. I think I was the only one coughing inside the plane. And my coughing drew too much unwanted attention to myself.

Fast forward to the moment we landed safely to HK Airport, I almost could not believe it when the pilot announced that the ground temperature in HK was ten degrees centigrade. I thought, WHAAAT?! I have read in a few websites that HK gets cold during December. However, I have this assumption that almost all asian countries are tropical countries, so I did not expect HK to be 10 degrees cold. My bad. I assumed it would be breezy and the cold would be tolerable, but  I was so wrong. Dang! I was wearing a shirt, hoodie, and a pair of bermuda shorts (bare legs). That was probably my mistake number one.

Boarding the train INSIDE the airport. I was like, WOAH!
The airport was so big people need to get on a train to
get to the next point! BTW, I know you can't really see
what I'm wearing here, but at least you can see the
bare legs, right? T__T
Greeting 10 degrees HK with my bare legs and not-
suited-for-winter hoodie. Still at the HK International
Airport here. :)
As said earlier, I was still feeling a bit sick. And the weather in HK did not help at all. In fact, it made my headache and cough worse. By the time we went outside the airport, my whole body was shivering and my teeth were chattering. There was actually a time when I had to sit in Mama's lap so she can hug me and keep me warm...

Fast forward again. When we got to our hotel, which was located at what I think is the border of HK, I immediately turned on the heater, climbed to bed, and wrapped myself in thick blankets. Let me tell you, lying down in bed under thick blankets never felt so good. I'm not saying it was softest bed or blanket I ever laid on, but HK's unfriendly temperature was a killer! And those blankets (and the heater) were lifesavers!

Travel tip: If you're planning to visit HK, pick a hotel from Tsim Sha Tsui area. You don't want to waste time and energy traveling back and forth from a far hotel to the tourist spots. AND, travel via MTR (train). Bus rides are more comfortable than the MTR, yes. But traveling via MTR is much faster. Oh and I have mastered the art of reading directions in MTRs. LOL. I'm so proud of myself. Hihihi.

Due to the unfavorable weather, we had to spend half of our first day in HK in the hotel. We had to sleep and purchase some winter clothes. (If you're wondering how we were able to do a bit of shopping, our hotel had an adjacent mall.) Because I was so desperate to warm up, I just grabbed a winter jacket and a pair of black leg warmers from Giordano (not caring how they looked like and not even bothering to try them on) and asked Mama to buy them for me since I had no HK dollar in my pocket... yet! Sure enough, Mama bought them immediately. And I immediately put the winter jacket on. It was not until the second day that I felt a little guilty of that purchase. The jacket was a little expensive and un-fashionable, but out of desperation, I had to ask Mama to buy it. *sad*

This pic was taken in HK Disneyland on our second
day in HK. I was trying to find a pic on Day 1 that
showcased my winter jacket and leg warmers, but
I could not find one.
After buying our winter clothes, we headed for a Chinese restaurant (still inside the mall) to eat lunch. In Guam, we have a bunch of Chinese restaurants, and all of those restaurants serve almost the same dishes such as corn soup, cutlets, and honey walnut shrimp. Guess what we did. We tried to order what we usually order at Chinese restaurants in Guam. Yup, we did not even look at the menu. I guess that would be mistake number two, eh? We ordered honey walnut shrimp and chicken cutlet. To our surprise (especially Mama's), they do NOT serve chicken cutlet or honey walnut shrimp! Goodness.

Chinese tea - the first beverage I had in HK
Anyhow, after wasting half of the day in the hotel with adjacent mall, we headed for the place called Mong Kok. Scratch that. We were supposed to go to Kowloon. I forgot if it were Kowloon Tong or the other Kowloon. There are two Kowloons in Hong Kong. Sorry if you got confused. But then, we met a few good Pinoys in HK, whom we met at Olympian City, and they told us to go to Mong Kok if we were looking for really cheap buys.

While at Olympian City... While my family was asking people about how to get to Mong Kok, I saw this place that sells froyos. And because I loooooove frozen yogurt so much, I decided to forget that I was sick and bought me some delicious froyo.

 ... I love the name of this froyo shop - Holly Cow! And look at the cow! It has a halo! It must really be holly! The catchy name was enough to grab my attention. :) Anyhow, sorry for the poor quality of picture. I was not in the mood to take pics because I was not feeling well. Although, I just had to take a picture of the shop's sign. Like I said, it's catchy... And I might as well add creative.

This is the froyo that I tried from Holly Cow. It's called banana split. Love banana split ice cream? Well, I'm sure you'll also love this froyo banana split. Definitely a must-try!

By the time we got to Mong Kok, it was already dark. Talk about an entire day wasted! Thanks a lot to the slow bus rides we took. Seriously. We should have taken the MTR for all our trips! MTR would take half the time we spent in the bus! Ughhhh! Thanks a lot to my flu, I was not able to do my research prior to our visit in HK!

So yes, it was already dark and we were not able to go to the tourist spots in HK! As I was starting to feel a bit frustrated, I saw my new love, and replaced my old love. LOL. That did not sound right.



Tah dah! I replaced my phone for four years (a motorolla v3xx) and replaced it with...

...iPhone 4s! Yay! I can scratch something from my wish list! Hihi. See that bunny case? I got it in Mong Kok as well. Mong Kok has a wide variety of iphones, iphone cases, protectors and skins to choose from. So if you're looking for the perfect place to shop for iphone what nots (aside from Amazon, that is), go to Mong Kok, HK! When I saw this case, I just died. Gosh it's so cute. Playboy bunny-ish. LOL. :D
I have a friend named Arjyll. This street sign kinda
reminded me of her. Kinda lang naman. ;)
After purchasing my unlocked iphone 4s (hmmm... should I give it a name?), we started to look for toys for my sibs. Sadly, Mong Kok was too big and everyone we asked told us that there were no toy stores in Mong Kok. They were proven wrong on our third day. I'll tell you more about it soon.

I know how sad my sibs got, so being the oh-so-nice-big-sister that I am, I got all of us something that could hopefully lift up our spirits. Or at least, my sibs spirits. They were so down after hearing from person after person that there were no toy stores around Mong Kok.

Mango tart! Mango (whether it's yellow or green) is my
favorite fruit, so I would not miss trying this! It's super
delicious by the way. I can have this for desert every day! 

Assorted fruit tart from the same deli shop. :) Another
oh-so-yummy treat. My sibs and I loved it to bits!
Our last stop was at Mcdonald's where we ate dinner. I guess Mama was not very pleased with her first try of Hong Kong food during lunch so she opted to have dinner at a place where she knew what would be served - burgers and french fries. *sigh*

And that completes my family's first day in Hong Kong.

Note to self:
1) The iPhone 4s will be my most expensive buy for this year. I swear. I could have gotten it from Guam Telecommunications Authority (GTA), but according to the people I know who are subscribed to GTA, GTA's service "sucks." Please note, that did not come from me. So to avoid being entrapped for two years on a contract that "sucks," I had decided to purchase the cellphone unit and subscribe to a different service provider - Docomo Pacific. And as of now, I am very pleased with Docomo's service - the 3G is fast and I can change or sign out from my subscription any time I want, a contract-less contract! How cool is that?

2) When people say it's going to be cold on a place that I am going to visit, I would specifically ask them how cold it would be. The weather in HK caught me by surprise. How insanely weird.

That's all. :)

23 January 2012

Experience at Clark International Airport

We took the Philippine Peso and brought it with us when we went to Las Pinas for the birthday celebration. Then, after eating some very delicious chicken barbeque, atchara, and rice (of course), we headed to the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (aka Clark Airport) in Pampanga.

Oh, and the exhausting trip to the airport took about four hours from our house.

So on my previous post, I shared about my sickly misadventures during vacation. Now it is time to reveal the secret-for-now trip that I had with my family.

Approximately six months ago, I took a flight to go to Singapore. This time, I got to visit another country close to Philippines. And it is… (Can you hear the drumroll?) HONG KONG! Yeah! (Confetti please!)

I guess that’s a little expected and kind of anticlimactic. But bear with me. It’s not everyday that I can visit a different country, and by different I mean different from Philippines and Guam. So it does make Tin-Tin a very happy girl when she travels to a different part of the world, no matter how close that part of the world is to her home country.


After two hours (or maybe that was three, sorry I can’t really remember now) of watching sceneries in the dark and reading road signs, we finally came to Clark International Airport. Our driver was not very familiar with the place so we got a little lost. A little lang naman. At approximately four in the morning, when we got to the airport itself, the driver, my family and I were all surprised with what we saw – the airport was CLOSED! Don’t get me wrong. We were able to go into the parking lot and all but the doors to go inside the airport were all closed. The only signs of life in the airport were the guards, the Ministop, and a few people waiting at the seats near Ministop. For a little while, I thought I was at a scene from Resident Evil when the main protagonist woke up (I’m talking about the first Resident Evil movie) and found that she was confined in a dark building with everyone turned into zombies (I assumed the people in the airport were zombies, lol).

Clark airport is the first airport that I have been to that is not open 24/7.

What’s up with that? I have always assumed that all airports operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Well, I was proven wrong on the fifth of January.

Our flight to Hong Kong was scheduled at seven o’clock in the morning. And all of us did not have any idea what time the airport will open. And I must say, Pampanga is still hot at four in the morning. I mean, for a girl who kinda got used to the cool breeze in Lipa, Pampanga felt humid and hot. Anyhow, we stayed in the van at the parking lot (where we had to pay thirty pesos) and took a nap for an hour. If I remember it right, it was five thirty when we heard a voice from the speakers announce: “Passengers for flight so and so for the time so and so can now line up at the doors.”

And line up in front of the airport we did. When we got inside, I was (again) surprised with what I saw. The airport looked… tiny. I saw very few check-in counters and few airline names that function at the airport. These airlines include (and perhaps not limited to) Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, and SeAir.

I had been to Bacolod (a city in an island in Visayas) and saw the domestic airport. And Bacolod’s domestic airport looked much better than Clark International Airport. Gosh. To think that Clark Airport flies internationally while Bacolod’s airport only flies locally.

We did what we people usually do on airports before embarking on the plane: Check-in, pay the airport user’s charge (which, I believe only is charged when you’re using airports in the Philippines, LOL), and go through immigration.

Do you remember what happened to us when we claimed a remittance from Banco de Oro? We did not get the peso remittance we received, so all we had in our pockets were peso and a few Hong Kong dollars we had exchanged at the moneychanger at Clark Airport. Despite the exchange that we did, the immigration officers and the cops told us that we were carrying a lot of peso bills. Mama was taken to a private room where she and some officers and cops settled the matter. It was not until we were outside of the officers’ earshot when she told me what happened inside that room.

According to Mama, the immigration officer told her that there is a long process that she would have to go through because of the amount of money we were planning to carry to Hong Kong. BUT there is a shorter way to deal with the matter at hand. Turned out all the officer wanted was a thousand and five hundred peso (approximately twenty-five US dollars). Goodness! Mama’s blood pressure has a tendency to go high, very high. And the stress of seeing cops and immigration officers take her to a private room is enough to have her BP go really high!


If all the officers wanted were money, we could have just given it to them, you know. Especially if the amount they were asking for was not much. No need to go through all the scary and stressful part.

Lastly, I just wanna say that I highly NOT recommend the Clark Airport. Clark Airport does not function 24/7. It was too small to be even called an “international airport.” The rest rooms were okay, but they were not very clean. There was no wifi on any part of the airport. It was crowded and the arrival waiting area was dirty and looked like it had not been cleaned for a long time. Last but not the least, the immigration officers and cops would do their best to scare and obtain money from airport users, instead of assure them of their safety.

To the immigration officers and cops at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (aka Clark Airport), please itigil n'yo na ang pangongotong n'yo! I thought kotong only happens in the streets, it apparently happens inside the airport... And to make things worse, you do it to tourists!

20 January 2012

Christmas vacation hangover

To students and employees who are now getting back to (what I call) reality: How was your well-deserved Christmas vacation (if you got one, that is)?

For me, the holidays were awesome! Each and every day (except for the week I got sick) was just plain awesome. Yes, awesome vacations are definitely awesome! I went on a two-week off island vacation. I went to Philippines and… Wait. Did you guess right about the other country I went to? HintLastPostHint.

Ready to know if you got it right? Well… I went to…

*Drumroll please*

Secret! LOL. You’ll know where I went as you read through this humble blog of mine. :)

I know I had mentioned on one of my previous posts that I was not excited to go back to Philippines. It was true. Because the excitement only kicked in after I stepped out of the Centennial Airport. I don’t know about you but I do get a little stressed and tired preparing for vacations. Packing clothes and pasalubongs are a bit exhausting, especially if you’re packing not just for yourself but for the entire family as well.

Since our trip was short, we had almost every thing planned out just so we can do as much as we can in a span of two weeks.

Here’s the plan:
December 31st – prepare for New Year’s Eve, celebration of New Year’s Eve
January 1st – celebration of New Year’s Day
January 2nd – go to Pinagtung-ulan, Lipa City for their fiesta
January 3rd – go to Mataasnakahoy for another fiesta (which explains my very, very rapid weight gain over the vacation)
January 4th – birthday celebration and travel to airport
January 5th – start of trip to “secret” country
January 8th – end of trip to “secret” country
January 9th – preparation for celebration of Daddy’s 2nd year death anniversary
January 10th – celebration of Daddy’s 2nd year death anniversary
January 11th – go to St. Luke’s Global City and Market! Market!
January 12th – visit Tagaytay and Las Pinas
January 13th – free day
January 14th – free day
January 15th – going back to Guam

Is it just me or did that schedule made the two weeks sound and look short?


So almost everything was planned out. Better yet, we thought we had everything planned out. There was one thing my family and I (especially myself) did not expect. Guess what. Of all the times I can get sick, I got sick during my short-lived vacation! How awful can that be? I started feeling sick on the first. Yes, a truly awesome way to start my 2012. I was running a fever, had a throbbing headache which made me feel like my head was going to split in half, runny nose, painful sinuses, sore throat, teary eyes, and cough. I felt miserable being confined to bed during vacation and on the first day of the year to top that off.

After taking a lot of Filipino brand medications (which include vitamin C, Biogesic, Robitussin, Solmux, and Strepsils) and sleeping for almost the entire day, I was, to my surprise, STILL SICK on the second day of the year. Nice. So January 2nd came and I was still feeling miserably sick but guess what, I followed the plan. I still went with my family to Pinagtung-ulan to eat a lot at someone’s fiesta.

Then, after all the medications and food, I was… STILL SICK on the 3rd of January. Very nice! If you’re wondering if I went to Mataasnakahoy’s fiesta, yes I did. We got to eat at not just one, but three houses. Wow. I almost could not believe the capacity of my stomach. I don’t know why but Filipino fiestas just can’t make me full after one eating.

Now I guess this is the climax, right? So the next day came and I… was STILL SICK (although not as sick as the previous days). After all the pigging out, medications, and tissues (wasted for blowing my nose on, just so I can gross you out a little bit), I could not believe that I was sick until that day. NOW THAT WAS VERY, VERY FREAKING NICE, WASN’T IT?!?! It was almost maddening. We had a birthday to celebrate (and I was supposed to prepare a surprise that day for the celebrant) and I was sick! To top that off, we had to start traveling to the airport that would take us to the “secret-for-now” country we were going to on the 4th and I was still coughing up phlegm, still had runny nose, still had headache, and still had fever. What a great news that was.

Well, being the adventurer that I am, I did not let the flu hinder me from enjoying my vacation. Let me repeat that one more time: I DID NOT LET THE FLU HINDER ME FROM ENJOYING MY VACATION! Ha! Take that you vacation-destroyer flu virus!

Now, the fourth of January is a little bit special so let me just tell you a bit more about what happened that day. Take note of this day because something that happened on this day will somehow affect our trip to “secret-for-now” country. Before traveling to the airport, we had to go to the bank – Banco de Oro Robinson’s Place Lipa Branch (to be exact), to receive a remittance from my uncle. We were expecting the remittance would be on US dollar. Turned out, the US dollar sent from Guam was automatically converted to Philippine money by the bank. And the money amounted quite big, to say the least. What made this anticlimactic was that we were going on a trip to a different country, and we wanted to carry US dollars on our pockets. Guess what the teller told us.

Well, this was what she said (it was in Tagalog but for the purposes of this blog, I will translate it to English): “If you want US dollars, you have to buy the dollar from us.”

WTF. The money was sent in dollar, we received it in peso, and now we have to buy the dollar that we sent for a higher price. Nicely done, BDO! Nicely done indeed to make money. But no, we did not buy the dollar. We took the Philippine Peso and brought it with us when we went to Las Pinas for the birthday celebration. Then, after eating some very delicious chicken barbeque, atchara, and rice (of course), we headed to the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (aka Clark Airport) in Pampanga.

Oh, and the exhausting trip to the airport took about four hours from our house.

All right, this post is getting a little bit too long so I’ll stop here and continue this misadventure on the next post.

Until the next post okay, see you!


16 January 2012

Back from vacation

(Tune: Intro to Eminem's "Without Me")

Guess who's back... back... back... Back again? Tintin's back... Tell a friend!

LOL at that.

I'm back from my two weeks vacation! Yay??? Sorry but my mind and body are still screaming for more vacation time, and thank goodness school will not start until Wednesday (today is Monday, btw).

Missed me? LOL.

Next post will be about my vacay not only in the Philippines (because I went somewhere else other than the PI). Guess where.

01 January 2012

Remembering 2011

Now that 2012 is starting, I would like to look back and share some of the most memorable experiences I had in the past year of 2011. The past year had been quite difficult and trying, but like everyone, I have a lot to be thankful for.

January 2011 - The end of being a Pre-Nursing and the start of being a Nursing student at the University of Guam
The beginning of a new chapter (and sleepless nights, and crying about grades and exams) in my life. Spring 2011 semester was difficult and I'm glad to say at this point that I made it through.
Photo by Raf DeAusen
Got this photo from Shera's facebook, though

 February 2011 - Renewal of Basic Life Support License (CPR)
As my batch mates and I started the nursing student life, we are required to have our CPR licenses updated. My palms got a bruised a little but it was worth it. We can never tell when the need to do CPR comes up, so it's good to be licensed to do CPR, yes?
Thanks Marianne for this photo.
Really captured the moment. :)

April 2011 - Celebrated John's 9th birthday during spring break at Onward Resort and Water Park
I love hitting the beach during spring break, even if it means getting tanned (or very dark for that matter). And there is no better way to spend the break than spending it with my family and friends. 

Thanks for taking this photo Leerose (she used my
digicam, though)
July 2011 - Singapore (with best friend)
The tour had marked off a lot of firsts for me. First flight on my own, first tour on a different country, and first tour with my best friend. This was definitely the highlight of my summer! View my blog entry about this post:

Thanks to the random tourist (or local, sorry I forgot) who
took this photo. Great shot at Sentosa, SG.

September 2011 - Turned 21. First birthday celebrated during a clinical.
As a nursing student, I do not get the luxury of choosing my schedule (and days off from clinical) so I had to spend my 21st birthday in the hospital with my clinical-mates, clinical instructor, and patients. Say hello to the life of a nursing student! :)
Photo taken by Shera (I think). Not exactly taken during
my birthday, but it was taken with me and the people
I had spent my birthday with. Thank you guys for a
wonderful clinical experience!
November 2011: 
Halloween 2011
John dressed up as Batman - The Dark Knight. It was really fun helping him choose a costume that suited him. Also, we spent the afternoon of the day going around Underwater World and looking for bats and lanterns. After that, we went to the mall to go trick or treating in the stores. It was exhausting but my brothers (especially John) and I had a lot of fun.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with the Sangalang family.
My family and the Sangalang's had Thanksgiving lunch at the newly opened Jamaican Grill branch at the Dededo Mall. View more here.

32nd Japanese festival at Ypao Beach with the family.
It is really fun to have see a little of Japan's culture. Although I had eaten a lot during Thanksgiving, I still ate quite a lot during this festival. Such a fattening weekend for me.View more here.
Photo by John
December 2011 - Celebrated Christmas with the family.
My family, together with my only aunt and uncle in Guam had Noche Buena at the Guam Reef Hotel. Christmas was another fattening holiday for me. Look at how fat my arm is in this picture. Oh well, I guess my new year's resolution will be to lose weight. View more here.
Photo by the very nice random server (sorry can't remember
your name)
Now that I have looked at my pictures in the past year, I have noticed my gradual weight gain. :( I have to lose weight this year.

My weight dilemma aside, I am thankful for these wonderful memories I had in the past year. I am also very thankful for all the blessings my family and I had received. Most of all, I am thankful to be here to look forward to 2012.

Let us all hope for a good 2012. Cheers to a new year! Happy new year everyone! :)