28 December 2011

To Do: See Guam Hilton's Train Display

According to Pacific Daily News, this is one of the things to do today. 

Upon clicking the link on Hilton train display, the GuamPDN site explained what the display was all about:

Hilton train display Nov. 23 through early January. Christmas magic will again come alive at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa's main lobby in Tumon, with the return of the hotel's Holiday Express Train. It will be launched at 6 p.m. Nov. 23, and will be in display through early January from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. This year's local sponsored charity will be Erica's House, a local, nonprofit organization that provides family services, parenting classes and counseling services to those in need.

The display has exhibited in the past railroad settings of Germany, Austria and the Swiss Alps. The majority of exhibit items were special-ordered from Lehmann Gross Bahn, or LGB, a company in Nuremburg, Germany. This year, the hotel has taken a more modern approach when the train will be suspended from the ceiling, and tracks will be palced on clear acrylic platforms, the base for the display.

Struck with curiosity, I decided to go to the Guam Hilton Hotel and Spa (while tugging my poor brother along, whom I had forced to come with me by the way) to check out the train display.

And here's what the train looked like:

The train was mounted on the hotel lobby's ceiling. The display added color and.. well... stuff... to the rather bland ceiling of the lobby.

Guam Hilton's train display was cute, although not very impressive to say the least. If I were an infant, this display would probably lull me to sleep. Just as how the little baby crib mobiles exert their effect, whatever effect that may be.

Although, amusing or not, this train display is going to sponsor a local charity - Erica's House. According to its Website, this charity is a support service for parents and children in need of visitation and exchange services. Services provided by Erica's House are:
    - A safe place to pick-up and drop-off children for exchange between parents/guardians.
    - On-site visitation for families, for no more than 2 hours, with periodic checks by staff.
    - On-site visitation for families, for no more than 2 hours, with staff present.
    - Parenting Classes are offered.
    - Informational Reports upon request.
    - All services are at no costs for partcipants.
I'm not sure how the Guam Hilton Train Display will sponsor Erica's House. However, it does not matter how they do it as long as they do it, yes?

Because we were already inside the Guam Hilton, I decided to look around and take some more photographs (as always). Mind you, this was actually a first for me. Hotels here in Guam allow people to come in and out freely. But then, being my stubborn self, I have never actually done any hotel hopping of any sort... I only go to hotels when I actually have to.

Oh well...

You can probably tell by now, I love Christmas decors. I wish it's Christmas every day! LOL. :)

And I love taking GREEN photos. By green, I mean nature, trees and mountains, and.. and.. You know what I mean. :)


Fake mini-waterfall. But this will do. :)

See that cliff? That's the Two Lovers' Point (I think)

Two other hotels in Tumon: Guam Marriott and
Pacific Islands Club (PIC)

That's the beach right there. The stairs make it too fancy.
In my opinion, that is.

Nothin. Just a bench. And GREEEEEEEEEN!!!
Just a quick reminder: The train display will not be running on Hilton's ceiling forever. It will be running until early January (according to PDN), so if you wish to see it, you have to visit Hilton, NOW! It is almost January!


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