22 December 2011

Canon T3 Practice Shots

I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T3 last Thanksgiving. (View the post here.) But due to my oh so busy schedule on the weeks after Thanksgiving, I was not able to play with my new SLR. :)

But now that the fall 2011 semester is finally in my rear view mirror (and did I mention I passed all my classes that semester? lol), I now have more than enough time to read the manual and take some practice shots with my T3. So I say, awesome Christmas break is awesome!


Tonight, my brothers and I decided to go to Tumon. During this time of the year, the streets of Tumon are brightened up with Christmas lights. Also, there is a vacant lot in across from the Ypao Beach that turns into a "Christmas light park" (sorry, I have no idea what they call it) that tourists and locals (including my family) love to visit.

So here are the most decent (in my opinion) shots that I took at the park:

The body that I do NOT wish to have.

Hold on tight!

"Cute and cuddly boys." -Skipper
Penguins of GUAM-acascar. LOL.

Creepy snow man


Christian lending the Japanese lady a dollar. :)
How generous of him. It is the season of giving, isn't it?

Another creepy one

Santa's mail box

This kid is super cute.

Christian trying to steal Santa's cake. :)
Too bad his attempts are futile.

Someone hates Christmas

Santa holding the Guam Seal.

This is probably why Santa has that huge belly.
Turns out, it is actually a BEER BELLY?!
I'm not sure if you have noticed but I did NOT use any special flashes or lenses, except for the ones that came with the Canon T3 package.

I know this blog post is getting a little too long, but let me share just a few more photos that I took tonight using the same cam, same kind of flash, and same kind of lens. :)

Taken while when the red lights came on
(coz I was driving)
This is the Outrigger Guam Plaza, by the way :)
These ones are taken at the Micronesia Mall:

The mini train that goes around the giant Christmas tree

The Christmas tree at the center court of Micronesia Mall
Tips, comments, and constructive criticisms are very much welcome.

Happy holidays everyone!

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