30 December 2011

On Leaving for Philippines

If you had visited this site earlier, you would have noticed that I kept changing and changing my blog layout. Sorry for that. I had been trying various layouts just so I can update the look of my blog.

And then I settled for a premade skin by blogger. LOL at that.

I will be leaving to fly to Philippines tomorrow. Unlike my previous trips to PI, this time, I am not feeling the excitement. And I wish I know why.

I guess the lack of excitement was brought on by my exhaustion from the previous semester.

Or is it because I am starting to love Guam?

Or maybe it is because I go to the Philippines very often and now I just want to explore some other countries?

Ahh! I don't know.

I will be spending the New Year's Eve in the country where I was born and raised. Shouldn't it be exciting?

Sorry for the random rant. Just had to get that one off my chest.


I will still blog while I am on my vacation in Philippines. Good night. Hope I'll have a safe flight tomorrow morning.


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