14 December 2011

End of Semester Anxiety

Lubb-dubb. Lubb-dubb. Lubb-dubb.

I am honestly hearing the loud beating of my heart right now.

I know my final exams are over and Christmas break is officially starting... But I am not in the mood for any celebrations. Usually, by this time, I would be eating out to celebrate the end of the semester. But right now, I am waiting for my grades to show in our online grade-book.

And at this time, the online grade-book is torturing me by not showing my grades.


Unlike the other semesters that I have taken so far, this is the semester that I worked and studied very hard and is still not confident if I passed. Usually, the only cause of my anxiety is if I did not get an A for a certain class. This time, it is passing my classes that I am so worried about!

I wish the online grade-book would show my grades already. So I know if I have to start grieving or start celebrating, you know? It is Christmas break, for Pete's sake! And as you have probably noticed, I am still not feeling the so called "joy" that comes with Christmas.

Oh well. I guess I would have to endure this extended torture from Fall 2011 semester until the online grade-book is updated.

By the way, I will be updating this blog perhaps more often now that I have more time. And I am going to delete the tab that says "countdown." So see ya!


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