26 December 2011

Down South on Christmas Day

The fattening holiday continues…


After literally overstuffing ourselves last night for Noche Buena, my family and I got to eat A LOT once again. BURRRRP!

Today, we headed down south at Agat because we were invited to a Christmas slash birthday party. The place was a little too far from our home but we decided to go. After all, masama tumanggi sa grasya. Besides, it is the holiday and all the shops are closed and we had nothing to do. On top of that, it is not every day that we get to go to the south.

Here are a few photographs that I took while on the road. It is not every day either that I get to sit at the passenger’s seat, you know. Most of the time, I am the one driving. And it feels good to be on the other side of the car sometimes.

Governor's House

Beach along the road

Beach along the road

War in the Pacific - Asan Beach Park

Fish Eye

Cemetery (they call them apartments if I'm not mistaken)

Submarine from the war

Christmas decors at Agat
I apologize for the poor quality of photos. Took them while my uncle was driving at fifty miles per hour. So sorry.

When we got to the house where the party was held at, I got the feeling that I am in one of the provinces in Philippines. Not that it’s a bad thing. I actually miss the province where I grew up and the province my family visits very often.

The place shaded by mango trees and the neighboring houses really look like houses from Philippines. Oh gosh, I really miss Philippines. Local Christmas music was also playing at one of the nearby houses and the sound of it did not seem digital… I think the sound was coming from old speakers. I think lang naman.

The party was kind of a typical Filipino party mixed with a hint of Chamorro feel. It was not held at a beach. It was a house party with people coming in to serve themselves with the feast prepared at the long table.

The dishes prepared by the host were pancit molo, lumpiang sariwa, chicken relyeno, puto, cupcakes, donuts, green mangoes, crabs ginataan,  chicken kelaguen, plain and red rice, and many others.

The infamous red rice. I must have looked silly taking
a photo of a very common dish on Chamorro fiestas

Chicken kelaguen... Another common dish to find in
After eating for what seemed like an endless amount of food, we left the house and drove more to explore the south of Guam. This will be on a separate blog post because this is getting a little too long for one post.

Once again, merry christmas everyone!

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