26 December 2011

Down South on Christmas Day (cont.)

This is a continuation of the previous post. :)

Because we were already in the south of Guam (which we do not usually go to), we decided to explore more. So we spent most of the day down south. We drove through the roads that I have never drove on. Hard to believe, isn't it? I have been living in this small island for years now, yet there are still roads that I have not driven on.

Perhaps the road that we took that I liked most was Windward Hills. We got to see mountain tops and beaches. It really was a breath taking view. So sorry I was not able to take decent photos because we did not stop in the road for me to take pics. :(

This is probably the only photo I was able to take.. And I took it while my uncle was driving.

It was very peaceful up there. Not very many houses or people. Kinda like the "countryside" living, yeah?

Finally, after a few miles of nonstop driving, my uncle granted my request to stop so I can take shots of this really cool view. I think this was in Talofofo. Gosh. The lush greens, water and waves were so beautiful. This part of Guam is very blessed by mother nature.

After this short stop, we went back to the car. Then, in less than half an hour of driving, I asked my uncle to stop once more because there was a nice beach with great waves. Too bad my request was declined this time.

Here's the shot of the beach (took this while my uncle was driving, again):

I kinda envy the swimmers. The water was crystal clear, and they had the place all to themselves! Oh well, maybe next time I can swim and play in that beach too. Maybe.

After this trip, we took the road that would lead us home. I think it was around five when we got home. Then we left the house at around six thirty-ish to go to church. Christmas is Jesus' birthday after all. No better way to celebrate the occasion than to spend it with the birthday celebrant, yes?

What about you? How did you spend your Christmas?

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