26 December 2011


I was not exactly planning to put a copyright on this humble blog of mine. However, due to an unfortunate occurrence, which I kind of brought to myself by the way, I have decided to copyright this blog and all texts, images, and videos associated with it.

I am not selfish with my work. But please, PLEASE, if you want to use a photograph from this blog, inform me. Most likely, I will allow the use of the photograph, granted that you ask for permission and inform me how you are planning to use it.

 See that encircled photo? Here's a more close-up look:

"From a Google User." Seriously? That's all the credit I get? This is honestly making me mad.

Just so you know, this photo is from one of my blog posts: Canon T3 Practice Shots. Here's a screen shot of my blog post with the photo:

See that picture of the same huge Christmas tree, with the same lighting, with the same background, and the same everything? It is a photo I took a couple of nights ago at Micronesia Mall.

I have contacted Google regarding this. Let's all hope for the best, shall we?


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