11 November 2011

Tintin meets Alodia

Okay. I swear this entry will be short.

Today, I was able to finish my paperwork for clinical by 3 PM. Which, by the way, I usually finish by 11... PM. LOL. >:)

You are probably wondering why I became so focused with my paperwork that I was able to finish it in such a short time. The reason being is that today is Veterans Day. And if you've lived long enough in Guam, you know that when there is a holiday, Macy's is going to have a sale. Although, the Veterans Day sale is probably not as big as the Thanksgiving sale which will be happening two weeks from now.

Anyway, despite the sale in Macy's, I did not but anything. I usually find the stuff from Macy's very attractive and appealing. Sometimes, I even feel like the clothes and shoes are talking to me, saying: "Kristine, come here! Get me! Try me! BUY ME!!" But today, I just did not have that feeling. Probably because when I tried one dress, I looked fat in it. Or more appropriately, I HAVE BECOME SO FAT THE CLOTHES DON'T LOOK GOOD ON ME ANYMORE. *cries*

Anyway, to make a long story short, I met Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao - one of the most famous, or probably the most famous Filipina cosplayer. And yes, I did find her very pretty and cute. Although, in my opinion, her face kinda looked "caked"because of the way too much makeup that she applies. Hmm. I think I wanna see her in person withOUT makeup on.

Told you I look fat.
And please don't comment on how stressed I look like. :(

Bro meets Alo (haha it rhymes!)
By the way, the best part about this meeting is we did not have to make siksik or make tulak of other people just to see her and to take a photo with her (just like what my mom and I did when Coco Martin came to Guam). She was just sitting in that chair behind her and I came up to her so casually to ask if she were Alodia. Ahh! Now that was easy to get close to a TV celebrity! Hmm.. I guess that's part of the joys of a fan of a not-so-famous personality, eh?

The meeting ended with my mom asking me right in front of Ms. Alodia who Alodia is. *so embarrassing!!!* Oh and she also told Ms. Alodia that she looks like Japanese. Hahaha!

That should be it. Good night everyone. I have to get my zzzzz's. My killer 12 hour shift at the hospital awaits me tomorrow. *yawns*

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