24 November 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Gobble Gobble!

Since Guam is a territory of the United States, we follow the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Normally, people celebrate Thanksgiving in their homes or in a friend's or family's home. Further, people in the US mainland normally celebrate this wonderful and fattening holiday by shooting a turkey, and then cooking the said bird to make it as their main dish.

However, my family and I do not celebrate Thanksgiving the normal way. Because my mom does not like turkey, we do not shoot turkeys and cook them. Although, there are no turkeys to shoot in Guam. Turkeys usually come in Styrofoam and wrapped in plastic in supermarkets. Secondly, we do not really celebrate Thanksgiving indoors. We usually go out to a restaurant to eat. And this year's Thanksgiving, we chose to ate at a newly opened branch of Jamaican Grill in Dededo.

Look at their fancy toothpick / paper towel stand :)
 Oh, did I mention we ate at Jamaican Grill last Thanksgiving, too? Only last time, we ate at their branch in Tumon. I must say, this is becoming our family's version of a traditional Thanksgiving. They serve good food, anyway.
Jamaican Grill serves the tastiest mango
shake - the JaMango Shake! Love it!

The appetizer - fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers,
melons, honey dew, lettuce, and watermelon! Yum!

The family platter! It was so big, all six of us weren't
able to finish it. By the way, the platter consists of
BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, red rice, and jamaican rice!
After our little feast at Jamaican Grill, we went to the mall to watch a movie. And guess what we watched!
 If you guessed Twilight - Breaking Dawn part one, then you are absolutely.... WRONG!

My brother only posed at the Twilight stand for the fun of it. :) He thought it was funny how Edward's bride did not have a head. So he gave Edward's bride a... ughhh... head.

Anyhow, the movie we watched was Jack and Jill which starred one of our family's favorite actors - Adam Sandler! The movie was great by the way. Nothing short of what to expect from Adam Sandler.

And the fun did not stop there! When we got home, we ate one really sweet treat - cookies and cream ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery! (if you want to drool, visit their website Cold Stone.) Their ice cream cakes are, for the lack of a better term, heavenly! I think they serve better ice cream cakes than Haagen Dazs.

I'm guessing this is the part where I should cut this short. I have to go to bed early tonight so I have enough energy to shop my head off for the Black Friday sale, which will be happening at twelve midnight! (I am so excited) Hihi.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Gobble, gobble!!!


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