25 November 2011

Thank God it's [Black] Friday!

And the Thanksgiving madness continues!

On ordinary days, we like to burn the calories and save up some cash. But on Thanksgiving, the opposite happens - we like to burn the cash and gain some calories.

So after literally enlarging ourselves with way too many unneeded calories yesterday, my family and I tried to lose some today by doing my favorite sport - shopping! Yay!

If you have lived long enough in the US and here in Guam as well, you'll know that all the shops at the malls, except the theaters, are closed during Thanksgiving. Another exception to this is K-Mart. The said shopping area is open on Thanksgiving and they sell their flatscreen televisions, laptops and what nots on Thanksgiving. Probably to get the people's money first hand, eh?

Anyway, enough about that. If you've read my previous post, you'll know that I did not bother to go to K-Mart yesterday. I got too tired and sleepy from eating and watching a movie.

So to make this long post a little shorter, let's get to the point.

Today, at four o'clock in the morning, I got up and prepared to go to the mall. It was a little early for me. I do not even get up this early for school. Anyhow, by the time we got to the mall, it was five thirty or so. And guess what, Macy's was deserted! People already came out with their huge shopping bags. I guess we were a little lucky that we were able to catch up on some of the store's "morning special" stuff. We were able to purchase a queen sized Martha Stewart comforter for $39.99. They usually sell the said comforter for eighty bucks. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe, this is a knock-out deal.
In Micronesia Mall. Look at all the other shops,
they are all CLOSED! It's only six in the morning, anyway.

We were also able to purchase a lot of clothes for my brothers at a really, really good price.

Anyhow, after literally shopping our heads off, we went to America's favorite diner - Denny's! And here's a photo of what I had for today's breakfast:

Denny's Belgian Waffle Slam!
Two over medium eggs, two strips of bacon,
two sausages, and one huge belgian waffle.
Lastly, let me just show off my most expensive purchase for this holiday. Drum rolls please.
It is a Canon EOS Rebel T3! I know some of you are thinking "Oh, is that it?" Well, just so you know, I am proud to say that I purchased this baby with MY money. I actually saved up for this and did not ask my parents to buy this for me. So yes, I am one proud baby. :)) And for the record, this is my first SLR. :)))))))

By the way, in the Canon USA website, this SLR costs $550. Guess how much I spent to get it. *wink* Ah! This reminds me, I have to cross this out of my wish list! Yay for progress! LOL.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 starter kit :)
This ends here! I'm already feeling sleepy. :( Will go to bed now. *yawns* Tired from this holiday madness. Although, I am thankful to have a break from the monotony of life that I call nursing school.


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