29 November 2011

32nd Guam Japanese Festival

Warning: This is a late post. Had to work on my ten paged professional paper last Sunday so I did not have the luxury to post on my blog. Okay, enough about my excuse. Let's blog on.

The oh-so-wonderful and oh-so-fattening Thanksgiving break did not stop for me until Saturday. For most states that celebrate Thanksgiving, the fun stops after Black Friday. Usually, people shop their heads off and max out their credit cards because of the crazy Black Friday sales on clothes, electronics, and what-nots. But here in Guam, the fun does not stop by Friday night - the fun and excitement are extended until Saturday. Why? It is because here in Guam, we celebrate the Japanese Festival on the Saturday after Black Friday!

So last Saturday, around three o'clock in the afternoon, the 32nd Guam Japanese Festival was held at the Ypao Beach Park. But then, we came at the park around six in the afternoon because we had to pick up our humongous chocolates from a family friend. (Hint on next post here!)

32nd Japan Autumn Festival
Held at Ypao Beach Park from 3pm-10pm
Let me just apologize for the poor quality of pictures. I know in my last post (to view my previous post, click here) I have introduced to you my new SLR camera. I wanted to bring it but because I haven't purchased a decent camera bag and I am not very familiar with the SLR, I chose to use my old point-and-shoot Sony digicam. I digress.

Where was I? Oh... Let's try to get back with my story about the festival, shall we?

So by the time we got to the park (again, around 6pm), the parking lot was packed! I had to park my poor little Toyota Yaris in the place I shamelessly call *take a deep breath* the-elevated-dirty-grassy-hump-island-in-the-middle-of-the-parking-lot. Sorry. I have no idea what that thing is called. But hey, if you can picture it in your head, then I have done my job, eh?

Anyhow, the park was as packed as the parking lot. There were a lot of people who attended the festival - Japanese who reside in Guam, Japanese tourists, Filipinos, Guamanians, and Americans. Just so we’re clear, the Japanese Festival was not a “for Japanese only” event. That explains why I, a pure Filipina by blood, was able to celebrate the said festival together with the Japanese.

So many people, so easy to get lost!
I really, really enjoyed attending the festival. Even if I reside in Guam, I was able to see and experience a little of the Japanese culture. I have seen girls wearing different colors of kimonos (and I wish I was able to wear a kimono too so Note to Self: buy a kimono and wear one on next year’s Japanese Festival), and guys wearing those Japanese-style open shirts that I only see in male anime characters (I have no idea what it’s called). I saw people perform Japanese dances and play Japanese music. Oh, and I got to see this cute girl who is wearing a kimono try to catch a goldfish! And best of all, I got to eat free food… And free is my favorite price. LOL.
These are the tickets used to purchase anything in the
festival. They cost a dollar each. Luckily, we got them
for free. :)
Dagashi - 2 tickets to play

Before I forget to share this, let me show you this photo. According to the Japanese host, if you allow this little Japanese dragon to bite your head, you can have good luck. But then, I found this Japanese guy (whom I assume know about this head-biting tradition) making the dragon bite his arm instead of his head!
Funny Japanese guy :P
Around eight o’clock, we were very full and tired. So even when the festival was not done, we chose to go home. After all, it also rained and we did not have an umbrella. (Note to self: Next year, bring an umbrella to the Japanese Festival.)

Catch your goldfish! 3 tickets!

Look at the girl! Look at the girl!
She's catching her goldfish and she's wearing a kimono!

Cute Japanese lady

Japanese kids performing
Japanese style "bayanihan"

Shaved ice! This was where I spent my last 2 tickets
The last thing I saw on stage. They were about to perform
a Japanese dance

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