07 October 2011

Graduation from First Rotation

Tonight, I officially graduated. Not from nursing school, but from the first rotation of this semester.

Tonight marked my final night at the medical-surgical unit of the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Tonight marked my final night of being a member of the Team Tigulo.

Tonight I can scratch one rotation off from the many list of rotations that I would have to go through before I obtain my bachelor's degree in nursing.

It had been a very fruitful, stressful, and tiring rotation but in the end we were all happy we made it through and passed. 

So farewell Med-Surg, and hello Med-Tele or Surgical (not sure where I will be placed next, but I'll keep you posted).

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations best friend! Nakaraos din! Kaya yan! :)