19 October 2011

Of cameras

If you have personally met me, you probably know that I am the type of person who saves up for things *cough* expensive gadgets *cough* then ends up spending the savings for things that I wasn't saving up for such as clothes and shoes... Because they are more affordable than the gadgets.

If you look at my Wishlist, you'll see the list of things that I have been saving up for.

Probably a few months back, I searched for lomo cams. I saw this certain website that sells the said cameras, and I must say, the lomo cameras were pricey. Long story short: I did not get a lomo cam. A few days back, my best friend celebrated her birthday. *Cough* Glerren *Cough*.  And guess what, she got a lomo cam as a present from her... Ughhh... Boyfriend.

Sorry. I'm still getting used to tying the word "boyfriend" to Glerren's name. Sorry best friend, but your relationship status takes some getting used to. I guess I am kinda get used to you being single... Not that I am unhappy for you. I am actually happy that you are happy. Yes, that is a lot of happiness right there.

So just now, I googled the words lomo camera. Then I clicked shop. Then guess what? Some companies are selling this lomo cam (which is the same as my best friend's lomo cam, by the way) for a cheaper price. 

But... But no matter how affordable this camera seems to be, I am not sure if I should get it. *Kuripot Kristine comes back*

Oh well. I guess before I make a purchase I should ask my BFF, eh?

For now, I guess I will wish for a lomo cam to magically appear under my bed in Christmas.

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