10 October 2011

Fortune Cookie

For quite some time now, my youngest brother had been begging my mom and I to buy a tray of fortune cookies from CostULess - a grocery store located a couple of blocks from our place. Because I am not entirely a fan of fortune-telling cookies or fortune tellers for that matter, I would refuse to buy purchase the five dollar tray of fortune cookies. To top that off, I would also convince my mom to refuse to buy the cookies whenever she feels the urge to give in to my brother's request. I have always thought fortune cookies are not worth the five bucks.

Today, my mom and my two brothers decided to go to CostULess to do some grocery shopping. Because I was too exhausted from studying last night and taking an exam this morning, I decided to stay home and get some sleep. Long story short: my mom gave in to my brother's persistent request of getting the five dollar tray of fortune cookie.

So they came home with the groceries and the cookies. They all opened a cookie and seemed too amused when they read their fortune so I thought: What the hell, maybe I should at least try one. What harm could opening a fortune cookie and eating one do to me, anyway?

To make a not-so-long-story short, I opened a fortune cookie. Viola! And yes, like my family, I was also amused and inspired by what it said:

Lesson for the day: amusing things come from I-think-it's-expensive-and-not-worth-the-five-dollars-cookies.

By the way, I really am hoping that the cookie is right. I hope to succeed this semester. Anyway, got to go now, have to "stay focused on my goal."

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