06 September 2011

Uncanny Detox and The Tanguisson Beach Park

While at school today, I had this weird realization that I am very addicted to this popular social networking site called Facebook.

Just yesterday, if I remember it correctly, I posted three times on the said website. Come to think of it, I could have used the time I spend on Facebook reading my ridiculously thick nursing books. After all, as one of my professors said this morning, "Junior year is a killer year." And I believe him. This morning too, I have confirmed that my class lost three of it's members for reasons that are not being formally  disclosed to our class. My point is, dismissal from the nursing program is as real as it could be. It is difficult to get into the nursing program that I am in (Not that I'm bragging). However, I feel like it is more difficult to stay in the program and finish on time.

So for the sake of me to survive this hardcore nursing program and also to hopefully lessen my addiction, I have decided to take a two weeks detox from Facebook. For fourteen days, I promise not to even type the URL for Facebook. I know this does not sound very challenging, but hey, I'm setting a realistic goal in here. And in case I survive two weeks without Facebook in my life, then maybe (just maybe), I would extend the detox time for another week.

Enough said about that.

This afternoon, I went to one of the closest beaches to where I currently live - The Tanguisson Beach Park. If I am not mistaken, it probably took ten minutes to drive from my house to the beach. Well, Guam, being a small island in the pacific, is surrounded by beaches. That means, tourists come here fnot just for the tropical weather, but also for the beaches, beaches, beaches and more beaches. I just hope you pronounced the word beaches correct. Because if not, then that was a lot of "beaches" you said right there. Kidding.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took while I was on the beach.
I only like graffiti when it's done with creativity

I hope these pictures give you an idea of how Guam beaches look like. By the way, if I'm going to post more of Guam's scenic views, it will probably be a beach or it has a view of the beach in it. LOL. :)

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