07 September 2011

A Review of a Frozen Treat: Marble Slab Creamery

Guam, an island territory of the United States, is located near the equator which gives its citizens a year-round tropical weather. That said, people in Guam, unlike in the mainland US, enjoy only two types of weather - sunny and rainy.

Today, it was scorching hot and even though I really wanted to visit the Two Lovers' Point as I promised in my previous blog entry, I deferred the trip. Instead, I went to Guam's newest ice cream shop - Marble Slab Creamery.

Marble Slab Creamery is located near the office of the Department of Revenue and Taxation in Barrigada. The building of the said ice cream parlor is adjacent to the building of Submarina. Nonetheless, the store's sign is pretty huge for someone to miss.

As I entered the building, I was a little surprised that there were only two customers. With its radio advertisement and being a new ice cream parlor in a hot place like Guam, I was expecting the store to have, at least, more than two customers.

To make a long story short, I ordered two ice cream flavors - Avocado and Pecan. The nice man inside the counter mixed the two flavors and put them in a medium sized cup. As soon as I got into my bench, I quickly took a spoonful. At first, I thought the pecan flavored ice cream tasted good. I also thought the same for the avocado. However, after eating a couple more spoonfuls of my ice cream, I became aware of the skin and chunks of avocado. Thinking that they were supposed to be part of the "smoothest ice cream on the island," I ignored them and continued eating my ice cream.

A couple spoonfuls more of the ice cream and I was starting to feel thirsty. The pecan flavored ice cream that I picked was too sweet for me and the avocado was just stale. It was too bad Marble Slab Creamery don't offer their customers a free cup of water. And they didn't have warm waffle either!

If I were to rate the ice cream, I would probably give it a two out of five stars.

My experience in here was nothing compared to Singapore's Tom's Palette, or to Guam's very own Dolce Frutti.

But then again, I only tried two of Marble Slab Creamery's ice cream flavors. Maybe their chocolate, vanilla or coffee tastes better than what I have tried.

Note to self: next time I eat ice cream in Guam, I will not forget to bring a bottle of water.

Anyone tried Marble Slab Creamery yet? What did you guys think of it?

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