07 September 2011

Of paperwork and movies

For the very first time, I came home early today. It's only two o'clock in the afternoon and I'm done with my classes and my prep time from the hospital. Last semester, I usually come home at around six o'clock in the afternoon after doing my prep in the hospital.

I know it sounded like the day is done for me, but it's not. After collecting my data for my patient tomorrow during prep, I now have to type out all the information that I have, make two care plans and a patho map. This would probably take me around three to four hours.

That means, if I finish with my paperwork early today, I might be able to go to another tourist spot close to my home - The Two Lovers' Point. And who knows? If I have enough time today, I might tell you one of the most loved Guamanian myth/story. It is related to the place that I'm planning to go to (hint, hint).

For now, here are digital posters of the movies that I'm excited to see in theaters very soon.

I know I've seen The Lion King movie so many times when I was a kid, but I really want to see it in 3D. It's a classic, after all. It deserves the few bucks that I will spend in the theaters. 

I have been a Shrek fan since its first movie. And Puss is actually one of my favorite characters from Shrek. I am so not going to miss Puss' movie!

"How many cats can wear boots? Honestly..?" - Shrek to Puss in Shrek 2


  1. Lovers Point! That's the one with the fence full of locks right? I remember watching a TV feature about it by Atom Araullo for Matanglawin. So romantic. Hihi.