04 September 2011

The GLEEk in me is back!

I'm not too sure how long it has been since I last watched an episode of Glee. It was not because I was too busy. After all, last year's Christmas break and this year's summer break passed. I guess I just kind of lost interest in Glee.

However, last night, for some odd reason I could not explain, I suddenly felt like watching Glee again. So there, I watched Glee's season two episodes ten and eleven, and loved them!

Not only that, I also came to the conclusion last night that Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) has a very awesome voice. Why did I just say that? Simple. It's because he could sing very well as a boy and as a girl! Also, I think that Blaine (played by Darren Criss) also has a very nice singing voice too. And I just loved the duet they did with the song "Baby It's Cold Outside."

A good to know trivia: NY Post referred to Blaine and Kurt as "one of the most beloved TV couples of the millennium."

Here's another song performed by Blaine. This one is from the eleventh episode of the second season.

Now I feel like watching the Glee movie but I'm not sure if it's still showing in theaters here in Guam... And if I can fit it in my schedule.

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