10 August 2011

Reminiscing Day 1 of Singapore Tour

More than a week had passed since I left Singapore, yet I still feel the adrenaline rush I have felt from the moment I bought my plane ticket. The three-day tour (from July 30 – August 1) gave me a different kind of high – a high that is far better than the high drug abusers get. Well, the tour marked off a few firsts for me (which could probably explain why I feel happy every time I remember my trip): it was the first time I bought a plane ticket with money that I worked so hard for; it was also the first time I rode on an airplane by myself; lastly, it was the first time for me to be on a country with my best friend… Just my best friend. Cool, isn’t it?

The plane travel to Singapore from Manila took about three and a half hours – the same time it takes me to get from Manila to Guam by plane. Cebu Pacific did not play any movie or music so I felt like the trip lasted forever. Then, when I stepped out of the Changi Budget Terminal Airport, I felt like I was in Singapore, but the fact that I was in a country quite far from where my family is did not quite sink in until my best friend talked me into it. It took me quite some time to realize it but when I did, I could not stop squealing from excitement.

The first thing that took me by surprise was when I saw the taxi driver enter what was supposed to be the passenger side in cars from the United States. Later did I find out that the driver’s seat is actually in the right side. It was in the taxi where my best friend handed me my first souvenir from Singapore – the EZ-Link card, which I shamelessly call the tap-tap card. It was a very important tool for getting around Singapore. Without the tap-tap card, someone cannot ride the SMRT, LRT and buses.

The tap-tap card (:
The first food that I tried in Singapore was ramen. It was then I realized why Naruto (from the anime and manga) loved ramen so much. To say that the ramen was really good is an understatement. It tasted very differently from the instant ramen that I am so used to. The place where we ate our ramen was also pretty. It was decorated with pseudo-cherry blossom trees. The view from the restaurant was also quite spectacular.

The ramen

The fake cherry blossoms in the restaurant. Pretty, aren't they?

The view from the restaurant
After eating our ramen, we went to Chinatown and visited the Buddha temple. There were so many praying bald monks (no pun intended), and artifacts.

Tin in Chinatown
Bracelet from the Temple

Praying monks
What followed was a tiring walk around so many places. We visited a few toy stores, shops and malls. Then, we tried one of the best ice cream shops in Singapore – Tom’s Palette. The ice cream was really rich and I loved their waffle. It’s just so sad that a small cup of ice cream and two waffles cost us about SGD 10 each. But I thought it was worth it. (:

Yup, we were here (:

Glerren, the waffles, and the cups of ice creams (:

With Astroboy at the Mint Museum of Toys
After finishing our ice creams and waffles, we had another long walk to go to the Orchard Road and then watched the practice for fireworks and laser lights show in the Marina Bay. It was beyond spectacular. I have never seen such choreographed fireworks show. And one of the buildings that overlook the Marina Bay (I have no idea what the building’s name is) reflects the fireworks, which is just really marvelous.

The building that reflects the fireworks
Glerren, Tin, and the medium sized Merlion at Marina Bay
The last stop for the day that we did was at an underground mall. Believe it or not, Singapore has a mall under a parking lot. My best friend bought a pair of sandals from Charles and Keith while I bought a Giordano shirt that said I heart SG. The day could have been perfect if I did not get spilled on with miso soup. I was even wearing my favorite white shorts! But then again, it did not ruin my day. I still had one of the most perfect days of my life.

The sushi restaurant where I got spilled on with very hot miso soup

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