13 August 2011

The Non-Judging Starbucks Club

As much as I wanted to blog about this yesterday, my dad prohibited me from using the internet (we do not have wifi at home so we share only one connection). You are probably thinking, what happened yesterday that was so special? Well, aside from the relaxing one-hour massage that I got for a very cheap price of Php 250 (approximately USD 6), and bought a pair of pants and a shirt for Php 700 (approximately USD 17), I was able to get a FREE psychological therapy.

It was not really the formal therapy people with issues and problems get from licensed psychologist. There is no way I can get a free therapy from those people, anyway.

To make a long story short, I met up with two of my friends – Lorenz and Robin, and talked to them for hours at Starbucks Lipa. I got to talk to them about almost everything – my trip to Singapore, school related stress, my small achievements, my work, my schedules, and a few of my family problems. It could not be helped. I tried to control myself to avoid telling them about my family drama but I guess I have been controlling myself long enough that I could hardly contain it. And I guess, I told them about the negative stuff more than I should.

Anyway, we spent a couple of hours just sitting at the usual place we sit at. Talking to them was so easy that I shared so many experiences – the good and the bad – without actually thinking and holding back. Having said that, I now conclude that friends could be better psychologists than actual psychologists. True friends understand. They do not call you names after you have done a very stupid mistake. They laugh with you when there is something to laugh about. They empathize, not sympathize. Most of all, they do not judge. So I guess, right now, I am in the position to call me, L, and R the non-judging Starbucks club. After all, this is not the first time that we sat at Starbucks and talked our lives out.

To conclude this post, I have determined that one of the reasons I like to go to Philippines very often is to keep my sanity intact. I love my friends here, not just L and R; I can talk about almost everything to them. Best of all, nothing beats talking about life over a grande cup of frappalatte with the people you call friends.

“Walang lalaking perpekto, pero may lalaking swak lang talaga sa’yo.” – quoted from Rob

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