31 August 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

"I have learned that true friendship continues to grow... Even over the longest distance." - Anon.
How long has it been? Five years? Yes, it must have been five years. But no matter how long we had been best friends, I still remember how it all started. We were at our usual seats in our "Hyacinth" classroom when we suddenly realized that we were best friends without actually labeling our closeness. You even told me that the date for our "best friendship anniversary" was easy to remember because it was the day before my birthday. And that explains how I remember this day every year. :)

Although, we have spent most of those years apart, I am glad to say that no matter how far apart we are, and no matter how long we do not see each other, nothing changes. The friendship is still the same. The trust is still the same. The laughters are still the same.

I know I sounded like a boyfriend missing his girl. And I'm so sorry I couldn't help but get emotional when I think about how far you are from me. Dati kasi three and a half hours lang... Ngayon you're seven hours away na (well 3.5 from Guam to Manila, then another 3.5 from Manila to SG). I know it does not make a big difference, but still!

I guess what I had been trying to say (which I say a lot of times) is I miss you. And I love you. Happy friendship-anniversary to us. :)

1 comment:

  1. Bakit ako umiiyak?! Nakakainis! Ano ba yan! Haha.

    I love you so much best friend. And I miss you too. It may not be apparent in our everyday lives, pero it's true.

    Ayoko magdrama ha! Parang tragic na love story lang tayo ah! Wag ganun! Meynteyn lang! Steady lang. Smile lang! :)