12 August 2011

Decreased Cardiac Output related to palpitations secondary to absence in transition course

At this very minute, I am not-so-proud to say that I missed the one-day transition course... AGAIN. Last January, before the Spring 2011 semester started, I missed the three-day transition course because I was on vacation in Philippines. Now, I am missing from the transition due to the same reason.

Some of you may think, so what if Tin missed that transition course? She got by and survived last semester even though she missed the transition course!

Because of hard work and luck (but mostly luck), I passed all of my classes last semester. It was a bloody semester for me, I tell you. And this coming semester, I know (because my professors kept stressing it), there will be more blood. Last semester, I heard that six people failed a class or two. This coming semester, my professors are predicting that we will lose half of our class. And that news makes my heart beat really fast to the point that I am having chest pains, or as how nursing students call it, palpitations!

I am really scared for this coming semester. But I do hope that my fellow classmates and I will be able to get through this.

By the way, I just received news from my classmates who attended the Transition Course via, of course, the oh-so-helpful-and-reliable Facebook statuses, that our teacher made it clear that we will be losing a lot of sleep this semester. That just means, so long sleep, you will be missed!

Anyway, here is my schedule for this semester:

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