25 August 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Do you give presents to very good girls on their birthdays? I know you put presents under the christmas tree on christmas eve for good girls. But what about for very good girls? Don't you have to give them a bonus gift for being very good, and not just good?

Anyway Santa, just in case you decide to drop by in my place on the eve of my birthday, here's the list of what I want to receive. :)
Cannon Rebel T3 18-55mm IS II Kit
iPOD touch 4G (I'll be happy with a 32 gb but a 64 gb is much better) :)

G-Shock Men's Glide 6900 :)

Lastly, I want an iphone 5! Sadly, it's not available in the market yet. But that can be your Christmas gift for me. :) LOL.

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