21 August 2011

Because I miss Singapore

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that Glerren and I were boarding a train to go to Malaysia. While in dreamworld, I was, or course, aware that: 1) there are no trains in Guam; 2) Malaysia is so far from Guam; and 3) Glerren is not in Guam. That was when I realized that I was probably in my fantasy train station which is most likely located in Singapore. I have read once that Malaysia is just a train away from SG. :)

Throughout the day, I was wondering why in the world would I have a fantasy about heading to Malaysia. And a few minutes ago, I came to the conclusion that I was probably missing Singapore... and my best friend, of course.

The collage above are collections of signs that I took while I was in SG. And as you can see, I am not very good with taking pictures. *sigh* Anyway, the collage was created through CollageIt for Mac. 


  1. I was talking to one of my officemates yesterday and coincidentally, we were talking about Malaysia. According to her, there's this bus station at Bugis (it's on the green line, one stop before City Hall station) where you can take a 40-min ride out the border and into Johor, Malaysia. She also said that the EZ-link card can be used on said train and fare only costs two dollars. TWO frickin' dollars. I couldn't quite believe it.

    Anyway, I'll look up and research to it more. Who knows? In a few short years, the two of us might go backpacking through South East Asia. Starting point: Singapore then to wherever!

    And if that wasn't enough, my roommate mentioned in passing that a ROUNDTRIP ticket from Singapore to Bangkok costs SGD40. And she also mentioned that our other housemate mentioned a package trip to Indonesia for SGD95. GAHD!

  2. SERIOUSLY!?!?!???!! gaahhhhddd! now i'm itching to go backpacking with you! haha. :)) the prices sound.... BEYOND reasonable! :))

    ONE DAY talaga best friend. we will go on a backpacking trip. kaso... baka medyo matagalan. TT___TT i will make bonggang ipon muna. haha. :) you too. magipon ka ng bonggang bonggang bongga! :)) para talagang maging dora the explorers tayo.